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    White hair things

    Mmm never seen those, but fairly certain it is not algae, when algae begins it is bright green , as it dies it gets white.
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    45 gallon questions

    Basically anything that you can support, I would strongly suggest starting with "Easy" corals such as softies like zoanthids and some easy LPS like candy cane corals. SPS corals have stronger lighting requirements, but also require you to keep the parameters in check, and often involve having a...
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    45 gallon questions

    Typically filters are not used in saltwater aquariums, instead the use of a protein skimmer is recommended. Protein skimmers can only work in saltwater due to the extra tension added by the salt, and they are the perfect way to remove nutrients and filter the water. If you decide to use the...
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    How much do you think a 1000-1500 gallon setup would cost

    After all its said and done, with all the equipment, stand, tank, sump, lights, controllers and livestock I am pretty sure a 1000g would be at least 50,000.
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    Friend wants to get into fish keeping

    I think a 40 breeder would probably be ok for a pigmy angel or flameback angel, but the flame angel would probably not be happy. I have one in a 75 and I can't imagine him on anything smaller, they swim a LOT.
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    20H stocking.

    I would suggest getting a 20 L instead of 20 H, fish much rather have length than height, from the fish list I would just drop the chromis. The inverts look good to me. I would definitely not use play sand for it, just use live sand that is meant to be used for reef aquaria, or you could even go...
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    After 1 year, my s55g altwater tank

    That looks awesome!, I should add that only a few those fishes will be happy long term in a 55 though..., I am happy they are not fighting each other, they seem very peaceful, I have a 75 gallon with way less stock, and I still see fights from time to time!.
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    Fowler to reef

    In my opinion the main thing is to make sure you have a GFO and Carbon reactor, a good skimmer is absolutely needed to. Light is important but is also dependent on what type of corals you want to grow, if you just want to grow softies/LPS almost any light LED light will do. I strongly recommend...
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    Decholrinated tap water

    I will disagree with the previous comments, the corals most definitely will not survive, they usually require better water quality than fishes. Fishes will probably also be stressed, and there will be so much algae, you won't have another choice but to boil the rock and start over... Trust me...
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    Please help with black algae

    If you have only been running your tank for 8 weeks, I would no worry about it at all, it takes months for a tank to fully cycle , as long as you keep up with water changes, have a good protein skimmer, and run GFO or something to remove phosphates, it will disappear in time.
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    Setting up my fowlr

    The chromis are a lot more active if that is what you are looking for, clowns tend to stick to one spot. Stocking wise it looks good, you could probably add another fish if you wanted to. I haven't had chalk bass before, but be aware that they are semi-aggressive I would add them last. I...
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    I'm beginning to get sore from sitting on this fence

    I would at times argue that saltwater is easier than freshwater, it has a significantly stronger ecosystem that more closely resembles the life this fish have in the wild. Don't get me wrong I know it is still a far cry from what it is like for fish to live in the sea, but still IMO compared to...
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    Which LED??

    I would also consider a marine orbit pro led, it is a pretty good light. I myself have the normal marine orbit led and it works much better than you would expect. The pro version has a lot more power.
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    a little scare today

    I have been running my FOWLR tanks at 1.023 for a while now, I remember reading that fish are better at slightly lower salinity, however I will be adding corals soon so I do plan to rise it to 1.025. Firefish is doing better today, and water is much much cleaner now after a small water change...
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    a little scare today

    I moved my flasher wrasse to my QT tanks, he somehow improved over night, he has been eating a lot this past 3 days, he looks great, I tested my levels I have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites, 8.0 PH, .027 phosphate (measured with ultra low hanna checker) and 1.23 SG, they look pristine...
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