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  1. Royal Gamma

    I have a FOWLR 36 gallon corner bowfront tank. I currently have 1 flame angel, 1 gold band maroon clownfish, 1 yellowtail damsel & 1 bicolor blenny. The kids are trying to talk me into getting a royal gamma for our tank but I'm not sure. Would the RG have problems since it's an established tank...
  2. Instant Reef Products

    Has anybody ever purchased any fake reef inserts from Instant Reef? I'm thinking of adding some to my tank along with the live rock and just curious if anybody has heard anything good or bad about their products?
  3. Worst week ever

    I agree! Just take a few days to clear your head... Don't give up!
  4. Need help with fish?

    Few weeks ago we purchased a Flame Angel and before the fish was put in tank I moved everything around in tank to prevent territories. I also shut lights off for the rest of the day and on through the night so I can put flame angel in. Well, in morning after I saw flame angel hiding with lights...
  5. Powerhead Brand Suggestions

    I have 2 Koralia's going on each end with no problems. Love the magnets to keep them in place too!
  6. Help for a salt water tank set up and requirements.

    It can be expensive but I think once established it won't be as bad as long as you go on the FOWLR route. Once you go with corals then your in trouble! Like Atomsk mentioned, you do get addicted! Bumblebat, cool avatar picture! My 6 yr old daughter loves the picture and was terrified of lizards...
  7. My 29 gallon Tank

    Very nice tank! It's funny that you have names for each of the fishes... All of our fishes have names too because my 6 year old names them all when we get them. It's funny because I'll tell my wife about a certain fish by their actual fish name and she will look at me like a deer looking into...
  8. Brown Stuff on Substrate and Sides?

    I'm still a noob with my tank being only 9 weeks old but I was running into the same problem that you are having. I'm no expert and still very clueless with all this! I have a 36 gallon bow front corner tank with a skimmer running on it since the 1st week. Do you have a skimmer?? I started...
  9. 30 Gallon Tank My Dads 35 yrs old reef

    Started the tank in 1977 and the same tank is still going strong.... That's amazing!
  10. green chromis

    Just give it a few days
  11. 10 Gallon Tank Power Outage Solution

    Great idea and that saved your fish..Ory
  12. Questions about my skimmer?

    I'm noticing after 1 week the micro bubbles are there but decreasing day by day. I'm assuming the skimmer is breaking in and I hope the bubbles will eventually be gone.
  13. Fixture for 36 Gallon corner bow front?

    Has anybody ever ordered LED fixture from build my LED Here is the Reef LED lights: Here is a video comparing lights: I was shopping around still for lights and found this site and the light fixture looks really nice.. You can even have your LED fixture custom built to whatever you like...
  14. Need help with fish?

    I figure before I go out and get more fish I will ask here 1st for suggestions. Since it's been 7-8 years since I had a tank I forgot what fish got along and which ones would tear each other apart. My last tank was 60 gallons and I believe 4' long and the fish thrived in it because of the room...
  15. Need help with fish?

    The Yellow Tang in the tank now is small and not much bigger then the Fiji Damsel. I like the Maroon Clownfish and I hear they are the most aggressive of all Clownfish? I figured he'd be able to defend for himself unlike the other types of Clownfish. I know since the tank is 36 gallons and...

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