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    Fish Opinions

    Not a dwarf full size 3 spot blue gornami
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    Fish Opinions

    Hey guys so I recently got a second 55g and I have 2 angels some Molly's guppys and a blue gornami. I love the blue gornami and want to get a second one but would 2 blues get along or would a different species of gornami get along better with him?
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    Plants Dying

    Hey guys so all my plants in both of my Aquariums are slowly turning brown and yellow and dying Java ferns, annubis, grass, even the baby new sprout Java ferns tharwere doing great are slowly beginning to die for months they looked great now there getting worse I use florish comprehensive every...
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    Success Story Mixing Tropical Fish With Goldfish

    Room temp it stays at 72-73 there doing well
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    Eating Problems

    He loves frozen brineshrimp but I can't give them to him everyday lol
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    Eating Problems

    It's a big tank with Molly's and guppy's also I guess I could try one of those breeder baskets
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    Eating Problems

    Hey guys so I have had 2 koi angels for a few months now and they are exactly the same size exept one is fat and happy and the other is skinny almost sunken stomach they both are super excited about food but the fat one gos and grabs and eats all he can the other one will just follow the flakes...
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    Is My Pleco A Cannibal

    Everytime I have lost a fish between my pleco and the other fish I would only find bones in a day or 2
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    Adding Neon Tetras

    With just the one fish in it? Then definitely add like 5
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    Adding Neon Tetras

    What size is the tank? Id go with at least 4-5 if everything looks good they are schooling. I always add a little safestart when I add fish and have never gotten a ammonia spike
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    Newbie With A 29g

    The filter is good for when you want to upgrade also and you would be good with a 100w-150w heater unless you know your going to upgrade in the future. I have a 100w in my 38g and it heats it perfectly
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    Question About Java Ferns

    Hey so my large Java ferns are reproducing like crazy all the big leaves have the little leaves and roots at the ends on them which I have been taking off and super gluing to rocks to replant but it seems like all the big leaves from the original Fern die after the baby plants sprout off of them...
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    Success Story Mixing Tropical Fish With Goldfish

    So I have a 55 a 38 and a 29g tank I recently moved 3 of my Mickey mouse plattys from my 55 to my 38 that has 2 large black moors in it the tank is always 73 degrees even when I leave the window open and it gets to like 60 in my apartment the plattys can like in like 68-78 so I thought why not...
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    My New Angel

    Hey guys so I got a second medium angel for my 55 Beeb a few days he seems to be doing good swimming eating getting along with the other angel but when I got him I notice his fins are torn up pretty bad it dosnt appear to be fin rot there is no white around it just looks torn up. What can I do...
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    Pleco Bloated Or Fat?

    Yea it's a female bristlenose with no bristles I'm pretty sure I have a male in another tank and they look exactly the same but one has bristles and one dosnt

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