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    I have had two fantail goldfish in my 55 gallon tank for about six months. They live with neons, rasboras, danios, swordtails, etc. I keep my tank at at least 80 degrees and they seem to be fine, except for the fact that they are getting big! I never see either one bullying the smaller fish...
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    Pregnant guppie staying close to heater

    I would say there is a good chance the babies were born before the pregnant mom died. The little guys seem to be very good at hiding, so they could have been in there a day or two before you noticed them! Good luck with your guppies. But beware, this hobby is addicting! Have fun.
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    Are they ready?

    Thanks! I decided to give it a try and took the fry out of the breeder box and put them in the big tank. So far, so good! I saw them eat when I fed them earlier, it even looks like they had an overnight growth spurt!
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    Are they ready?

    I've had my two little swordtail fry in the breeder box for a month now. How do I know when they are ready to be added in the main tank with the rest of my fish? They are probably 3/4 of an inch to an inch long. Probably about the same size as some of my little neon tetras. I'm guessing size...
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    New Male Lyretail Swordtail

    The babies were born the first part of September...I forget which day. I'm not sure if they'll be lyretail or regular swords. So far they just look like female swordtails (no sword) but I think the males don't develop their swords until they are a bit older. If my lyretail would sit still long...
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    New Male Lyretail Swordtail

    Just three weeks ago, my female lyretail bred with my normal male sword and now I have two babies!
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    Favorite fish!

    I don't think I could pick a favorite...I like all of my fish for different reasons (my swordtails because they reproduced, my raspboras and neon tetras because they school, my danios because they are quick and fun to watch, my lyretail guppy because he's a survivor and so on and so on) . My...
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    Reducing High Ph?

    I lowered my pH by using Reverse Osmosis water, as recommended by my local pet store. When I first had my tank set up, my pH was also quite high, I guess from my tap water. I lowered it over several weeks by using some RO water and some tap water when I did water changes. Ever since then, it's...
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    Love is in the water!

    Well, I've had the two babies for three weeks now and they are doing very well. My next question is, how long should I keep them in the breeder box before setting them free in the big tank? I have a couple of large goldfish, one of which will eat anything edible in the tank so I don't want to...
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    sword tail or platy or both?

    Maybe it is a Hi Fin Platy, or a female swordtail (they do not grow swords)?
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    Filters and Tanks Quality

    One of my filters on my 55 gallon tank is a HOT Magnum, it has worked great! It is easy to clean, too. I'd recommend it.
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    Love is in the water!

    One week later, I found the second fry swimming in the tank! I was able to catch him and put him in the breeder box with Houdini for safe growing! I can't believe it! Both babies are doing well. ;D
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    Orange Von Rio Tetra: A new fish??

    I have one of these little guys in my tank right now. Actually, I also bought them at PetSmart and if I remember correctly, they were sold as Gold Von Rio Tetra, but I'm sure they are the same thing. I saw some of them swimming in a tank and noticed that several of them were missing their eyes...
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    75 G

    Wow! Very nice!!
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    Love is in the water!

    So last week I came home from work and found some eggs in my 10 gallon tank (they haven't hatched). Today I came home from work and found two baby swordtails in my 55 gallon tank! I did not have a breeder box so I captured one and suspended it in my fishnet so I could drive 40 miles to the pet...

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