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  1. Help Cyanobacteria Came Back Fish Are Turning Weird Colors

    Ok thank you I was worried. How should I get rid of the Cyanobacteria because I don't want it to come back again. Did it infest my moss ball? Is that why it's coming back.
  2. Help Cyanobacteria Came Back Fish Are Turning Weird Colors

    I had a breakout 2 weeks ago resolved it by turning off lights and not feeding. 2 weeks later i see it’s back, do the same treatment and one of my cichlids are brown . Is there a better way to treat this? I’m about to do a water change
  3. Cyanobacteria Taking Over Tank

    I put the medication in and the fish ate some.....
  4. Cyanobacteria Taking Over Tank

    I turned off the light but plan on medicating just in case. The medication won't harm the fish right?
  5. Cyanobacteria Taking Over Tank

  6. Cyanobacteria Taking Over Tank

    What do I do with the fish and the plants though. They will stress out and I don't have an open tank currently for them
  7. Cyanobacteria Taking Over Tank

    Recently there has been an outbreak of Cyanobacteria in my tank after coming home from vacation. It has covered the ground and my plants roots. It's starting to creep up to my lace plants roots as well and it's worrying me a lot. I started to increase the oxygen and bought some api Erythromycin...
  8. Plants For Goldfish

    Bamboo is an option
  9. Stocking A Classroom 10 gallon...

    Most bettas will not be good for communities, due to them having anger management (jk, some are just more aggressive). Females would be more suited because males compete with other fish with long flowing, pretty fins. They think it's a competition. Guppies are great because they are live bearers...
  10. Invertebrates That Can Go With Gold Fish?

    Yeah, mysteries are great
  11. Mag-float Differences?

    I have a hunch that the acrylic one has less of a powerful magnetic field making it overall weaker to prevent the scrubber part from scratching the acrylic. Might be wrong.
  12. Plants For Goldfish

    Realistic fake plants are the best option. Sorry goldfish like to eat most and most plants need something.... So yeah
  13. Goldfish Not Eating

    Repashy soilent green, Omega one goldfish pellets, LFs goldfish pellets. I highly advise against flake foods because they will come to the surface and eat the food. It promotes surface gulping and will lead to swim bladder issues down the road. Especially the egg bodied fish. What is the tank...
  14. Invertebrates That Can Go With Gold Fish?

    Nerite snails will work if that's the type you are looking for. Otherwise, they will eat them like shrimps. Can I have tank size and what type they are?
  15. Trying To Recreate An Old Tank, Id Help Please

    I have an empty 30 gallon and had the brilliant idea to stock it with some old fish that my dad had before. However, I do not know what they are called. I recently found one of them, but don't know his care, so if anyone knows please tell me. He is currently in a 75 quarantine with a Pleco that...

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