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  1. 120 gallon oscar/catfish

    Just got it set back up after a move. Have 1 oscar(7-8", had 2 one died after 6 weeks.) 4 hopplo cats (4")and a sun catfish(8"). I know they will become food but couple crayfish wouldn't hurt right.
  2. Fish Issues

    Believe it or not he is back swimming with his friends....very happy...
  3. Fish Issues

    I have followed advice on doing the heat treatment. I change 75 percent of water and raised temp...the spots are gone...crazy how fast, but plan on leaving heat for the full 10 days recommended
  4. Fish Issues

    Here is better pic Better pic
  5. Fish Issues

    Ammonia and nitrites are at 0 Nitrates are 15ish. Temp is 73-75 There are 2 Cory's of 8 that have the spots
  6. Fish Issues

    I have 6 red minors total. The pic isnt the bristlenose.. they have no visible spots. It's a cory. And I'll try and get a better pic but he has been hiding
  7. Fish Issues

    Have a red minor with what looks like fin rot, and a cory with spots I have 2 lemon bristlenose blue eyes and couple live plants. My quarantine tank has a couple fish I am putting in my other tank, so I am going to have to treat tank. What can I use that is safe for the bristlenose plecos?
  8. Spots On Cory

    Anyone? Label doesn't say but I have read some medications cannot be used with plecos in tank
  9. Spots On Cory

    Can those products be used with the albino bristlenose in tank?
  10. Spots On Cory

    Before snails died parameters were 0,0,10-15. No ideas why snails died... I do 20% change weekly
  11. Spots On Cory

  12. Spots On Cory

    have not recently added anything. Tank has 6 pandas, 6 Jillian's, 5 24k white clouds, 5 seepage tetras, 2-1" bristlesnose. Running 2 empire 350's. 2 1" apple snails just died in 2 days. Water parameters were on point. After anais died ammonia slightly raised because they weren't noticed right...
  13. 125 Gallon Start Up

    It actually is quicker to use TSS+, and I have used it many times....with dr Tim's u can do fish less, with TSS+ you need to use fish, I choose to use feeder fish rather than the fish I plan on in the tank. The feeder fish will either be fed to my friends oscar or given back to fish store...
  14. 125 Gallon Start Up

    Apparently this product is not available in the US anymore. It's not even on amazon or walmart
  15. 125 Gallon Start Up

    I'll check it out thanks. It's not on the website, but I'll be heading there anyway so...

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