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    Apistogramma Borelli Info Or Pictures

    Hi! Sorry -- I had pretty much disappeared from here but not from any lack of interest but crazy busy at work and not have enough time to do everything I want to do. Thankfully things are getting back to a more reasonable pace of life now. Anyone looking seriously at the Amish soon discovers we...
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    Apistogramma Borelli Info Or Pictures

    Sorry! It's been a crazy season at work and I am just now catching up. The lowest temp. I had was 72.
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    Want To Sell Ember Tetras

    I'd be okay with having them shipped.
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    Want To Sell Ember Tetras

    I might be interested.... What are you asking for them??
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    Poll: Where Does The Majority Of The Beneficial Bacteria Reside?

    No opinion, but following with interest...
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    Teaching Her Young’

    Love this! She'll be Daddy's fish-keeping helper!
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    Where's @guanchy

    Good to hear about the positive changes in your life!
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    Lchi’s Wedding “build” :)

    How did I just see this now??? Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures -- what a beautiful wedding!!
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    Any Suggestions For A "wave Maker" For A 29 Gallon Tank?

    The set-up of this particular tank seems to create a few "dead spots." Having read about current creators or wave-makers for "nano" tanks, I thought I'd give it a try. That was a mistake! Got an email from someone suggesting a small internal filter near the bottom back corner, so maybe I'll give...
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    Any Suggestions For A "wave Maker" For A 29 Gallon Tank?

    I recently put in a Freesea model. It moves water, all right! It's creating very heavy currents! My vals are blowing around like marsh reeds in a hurricane. Does anyone use a model that is satisfactory?
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    Hey Everyone

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    Stella Got A Betta

    Oh, so sad... I feel for you -- but you did the right thing!
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    Cyano Outbreak

    I used "E.M. Erythromicin" with excellent results, API brand. But after getting rid of it, I also changed my lighting. It never came back. Good luck!
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    Jmaldo's Discus Build

    Good luck!!
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