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    Hello From California!

    Welcome, hope you get your algae cleared up. Erika
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    330 Gallon Tank Just Exploded I've Lost Everything

    Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss♥️Hugs♥️
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    Is This Stock Ok For 13 Gallon Tank?

    What filtration setup are you going to have? We are in the process of cycling a 15 gallon(fishless cycle), looking at endlers with shrimp. Look at ember tetras too. Making a single species tank may be the way to go. Take a look at the bio load of the fish you are considering, that can help...
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    Dealing With A Dead Or Dying Fish.

    There is a sense of responsibility, especially if you've taken them out of a thriving tank/pond. So we do our best to provide a safe clean home and feed them good quality food. I at least take comfort in that. I have a quarantine tank that is housing a sick white cloud. clean water, good food...
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    55 Gallon Tank Keeps Killing Fish

    could one of the rocks be leeching toxins? ( ) Is there signs of new sealant? maybe previous owner used sealant not safe for aquariums. ( Database Of Aquarium Safe Silicone (Add Your Aquarium Safe Product) ) hope you get your answer, sorry about your fish loss. Erika
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    Whirling Disease (?)

    Forgot to add. Ive decided to turn on my heater to increase the temp of my tank to 75 for a life cycle of the parasite( 24-28 weeks) apparently the parasite cannot live or thrive at temps above 70f. I'm just grasping at straws here, but hope this will help my remaining fish and help anyone who...
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    Whirling Disease (?)

    ok. one quarantine white cloud( the first one that showed signs of illness) has passed. Such a bummer. very glad we had a quarantine tank, though it is small. If this is whirling, the parasite leaves the body of the newly deceased fish and can infect another. but this is not gospel, we have had...
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    What Is This On My Cory Cat?

    could it be a fungus?
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    Whirling Disease (?)

    here is a vid of my white clouds behavior. ive now isolated two in a sep tank, they are still alive but does not look like they will pull through. I may need to isolate 2 more. :-( We've written the supply house we bought these from to see if they have seen any signs of whirling disease in their...
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    Cautionary Tale

    Glad you are ok! Erika
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    Ordering fish online

    We just ordered from Imperial out of Florida. I did a lot of research and thought they looked pretty good( care wise). Large fishery, family owned. I especially liked that they were in Florida , thinking that shipping would be faster and cheaper if they were near me. I cannot recommend them or...
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    Hello From Florida Coast

    Thanks for the kind welcome
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    Hello From Florida Coast

    hello, new to forum. my hubby and I just moved off our boat and into a home on the beach. Ive been in and around saltwater all my life. Grew up in HawaiI where my parents had a Fishroom full of saltwater critters they would collect on dives( underwater photographers ). Most of my adult life I...
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    Hello From Thailand!

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    Whirling Disease (?)

    here is a pic of #1 now, she/he is still alive.
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