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    Funny I think my betta is schooling

    Thats adorable!
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    Standard 55g stocking ideas

    I think they are barbs, the more yellow ones are possibly black ruby and the more redish one an Odessa barbs. "maybe"
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    How many more fish could I fit into my 26 gal comfortably

    Don't add another species until you rehome the cardinals and guppy. You may also consider rehoming the gourami, but that one is up to you and your water tests.
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    How many more fish could I fit into my 26 gal comfortably

    With propper maintenence, You should have room for 2 schools of 6-8 of the very small 1.5 inch fish. and a bristlenose. 2 schools of the same fish means healthy happy fish. 3 schools of fish that are not in proper schools can mean stressed fish, nippy fish, fish that are prone to ich... So...
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    Is drop checker fluid toxic?

    What is a drop checker ?
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    Zebra Stuck to Filter

    It is likely that his illness started before he got stuck to the filter, Unfortunately, he may be beyond saving. You can always add some aquarium salt, "unless you have salt sensitive fish"
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    40 gallon breeder stocking

    I would not add anymore. But I think you should be able to maintain the current stocking. is it a 36 inch long tank or 48?
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    How many more fish could I fit into my 26 gal comfortably

    I definitely would not add another species, tetras should be in schools of 6 minimum, while more then 6 is usually preferred. If you got any more fish, it should be more embers and more cardinals. I agree with the others that a larger tank would be great if that is an option for you.
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    Trying to save my cichlid - is my quarantine too small?

    I think it is a pretty good temporarry fix.
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    Standard 55g stocking ideas

    I had scissor tail rasbora a few years ago, Loved them! I got austrailian rainbows a year ago, I can get over how beautiful they are. they are both great active, peacefull middle dwelling schooler
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    Are kuhli loaches shrimp-safe?

    I give my loaches raw/blanched or canned veggies once a month or so. Sometimes I stick a spoon handle through the vegetable to sink it. They love steamed cucumber, zucchini, squash.. Or a banana slice, Try to remove leftovers at least by the next day. It's a good idea to feed this stuff the...
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    20 Gallon Tank Pick my next fish for 20gal

    Just curios? what is wrong with pencil fish and platties?
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    Does this fish have dropsy

    I do not see anything to suspect dropsy.
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    20 Gallon Tank Pick my next fish for 20gal

    are you also against Sparkling gourami? Ooo, how about pencil fish!
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    How to protect garbage disposal from sand and gravel when using gravel vacuum

    depending on the location of your tank, When you use the python for removing water, you can start the suction, then turn the faucet off, disconnect the hose, then take that end outside and let gravity suck out the water. this is great for me, as I can aim that water at my plants.
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