I am a man of few words

aviation, trumpet, and fish
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Danny boy
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
API Freshwater Liquid MASTER Test Kit
5 to 10 years
Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
55 gallon
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
5 Giant Danios; 1 zebra danio;
5 turquoise rainbowfish; 1 rosy red minnows; 3 Zebra loaches; 2 pictus catfish
1 large java fern; some smaller java ferns
Aquarium Start Date
Janurary 2009
3x 26 watt cfl bulbs
Aquarium Filter Type
HOB Topfin 60; HOB 80 GPH; custom built 200gph
Aquarium #2 Size
10 Gallon
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
2 divided male bettas; 60ish red cherry shrimp; MTS
1 large java fern; 1 anubias barteri; tons of java moss; brazilon pennywort
Tank #2 Start Date
October 2008
Tank #2 Lighting
2x 13watt cfl bulbs
Tank #2 Filter Type
custom built 200 gph
Aquarium #3 Size
55 gallon
Tank #3 Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Tank #3 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
2 blood red parrots; 3 Angel fish; 2 Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid; 7 harlequin rasbora; 4 Australian rainbowfish; 8 SAE; 2 cories; 1 L204 Flash Pleco
Tank #3 Start Date
Tank #3 Lighting
3x 26watt cfl bulbs
Tank #3 Filter Type
HOB Top Fin 60; penguin 125; penguin 200; Penguin 100; custume 200 gph


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