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  1. Daily water changes for Discus? Really?

    Been doing 100% daily water changes for too long till it became a habit. Not sure if its necessary. But for me it has been working so far from 2006
  2. Discus - Hope you like them

    Its easy to keep a discus alive. To keep them to optimal shape and size requires a little more efforts.
  3. Discus - Hope you like them

    Start right and you will be alright.
  4. Discus - Hope you like them

    Heres one tank of my discus
  5. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

  6. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

    Same as the epsom salt treatment.... HITH.... I speak nothing of those.
  7. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

    I play around with my water change frequency. Some tanks I change daily and some every other 3-4 days. Put it this way, water changes goes along with your feeding regime. Young fish eats more and you require frequent water changes. when it reaches adult hood, you can reduce feeding and thus...
  8. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

    Really dont understand whats the need to pull this fish out into isolation. they are stronger when they are in a group. Any why do we need carbon? To me its a time bomb and really unecessary...I am only using sponge filters in my tanks and in some tanks i dont even have filters. My fish dont...
  9. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

    I have never mention in my post that i am in for epsom salt for his case You are not wrong to pull it out. But if there is a need for me to medicate I will not isolate the fish. Just my opinion. My reason is simple, you pull out fishes in isolation it has to go through acclimatisation...
  10. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

    Hi Bro, I dont know if it works for you but I realise that the fish are less picky if you reduce your variety of feed to 1 or 2 kinds. I am using pork heart with added vit b, c and calcium. I do use peletes in auto feeders when I am off to work. I do not feed blood worms but I do use freeze...
  11. Black Sand = Peppered Discus?

    Peppering is in the genes. And yes its more obvious on darker backgrounds. From what I observe, as the fish age, the peppering will get more obvious. I hope you are not using blood worms as your fish staples. If heart meals caused too much maintenience hassle, get a good pelete/dry food with...
  12. Hi everybody new to discus forum

    Nice set up. In my honest opinion, I do not think you would require an UV light filter. Just keep things simple and manageable. my set up includes a bare tank running on sponge filters for me consistent water changes and feeding regime is the key.
  13. My new discus!! :D

    Congrats on your catch! Looks like you got a good environment for them. However I would reduce on the variety of feeds. Too much variety will increase the complications of troubleshooting when things goes wrong. Turqoise are my favourite strains! Let me share some of mine
  14. Thinking of starting a discus tank!

    Just to share Feeding - Get a dry food which covers a wide spectrum of vitamines and minerals. Best is high in protein. Use it as a staple for your fish.Personally prefer sinking. - feed at consistent timings. - you can introduce a little something special (e.g. blood worm/black worms) every...
  15. Breeding pair

    Keep a group of 6 - 10. Pairs will be formed and you will eventually get to breed them I started with a tank and now have a room filled with discus Hope you will end up they same as me too! haha

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