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    Flowerhorn? Yes or no?

    I think a 60 gallonis too small unless you get a short body FH or a female. 18” width is really important. If it’s 12” I wouldn’t even bother.
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    Help idk what kind of fish this is

    Yup Severums and they get big. Do you have a large tank for them? I have several and they are great fish. They like their veggies, romaine, chopped up cucumber, zucchini. If you have any real plants they will probably eat them.
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    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    Same problem earlier but seems ok now. I couldn’t even respond to anything because it said I wasn’t allowed. Lol
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    Flowerhorn Pop Eye ( Water Parameters Are Perfect.)

    That’s fine, get him all better then you can deal with him being picky. Lol
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    What Is The Name Of These Fish?

    Ok I don’t think it’s a severum either.
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    What Is The Name Of These Fish?

    That looks more like a uaru than a severum.
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    Tfreema's New 75g

    I think anubias would look really good, soften the look of the point a lot. Love that piece!
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    Flowerhorn Pop Eye ( Water Parameters Are Perfect.)

    Great!! I will keep checking in, can’t wait to see him all better
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    Flowerhorn Pop Eye ( Water Parameters Are Perfect.)

    I believe he is looking better! He is such a handsome boy! Keep up the great work! No problem on being late with replies I am just super happy he is doing better. I would continue treatment for a bit longer. Are his poops normal now?
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    Apple Tree Branch How To?

    Lol Well that’s why I asked you I knew I would get this kind of answer. I am thinking on the same lines as you, now I just have to get the nerve up to stick it in the tank. Thank you very much for your opinion on this branch.
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    Python Vacuums how do you condition the water before adding it?

    I agree with you because in my house out the door has a much better drop so way more gravity but I do find that the syphon attachment still isn’t as good as the hand held syphon. I use a pond pump to pump the water out even faster and syphon the bottom after. Lol I think I’m impatient but the...
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