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    130g Stocking ... Is this ok?

    Your stock is ever so slightly over stocked...But every so slightly so you should be fine!!
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    traveling with fish ?

    I would not be that concerned about such a short drive. I would tell the LFS about your intended trip ask them to maybe use a bgiger bag with a bit more water etc. I would bring a cooler I would also place the fish on the floor.
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    50 Gallon Betta Stock List

    Going be doing a planted, 50 gallon tank and here's my stock list. Please review and let me know what ya think: (BTW the Betta will be the last fish to go in) 1 Betta 10 Cherry Shrimp 6 Cories 10 Zebra Fish 10 Cherry Barbs 6 Golden Molly (All females) Is this over crowded? My...
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    1 1/2 gallon tank-fishes always die...

    The second I read your forum I went "over crowded" Ok now you can get away with overcrowding on a larger tank a bit (even then you can't go crazy) but on a 5 gallon or 10 gallon it needs to be pretty strict. Here's my advice pick one of the above single fish. As in you can have 3 danios, or 3...
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