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    Help, I'm fed up of black beard algae.

    What is your fertiliser regime? You can often get rid of BBA by increasing Phosphorus. If you really want to nuke your aquarium buy SL Aqua Z2. Dose as per instructions. It will kill every plant, algae and any Cyanobacteria in your tank, but won't hurt livestock.
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    Mystery Shrimp ID?

    I'm afraid the two I know to be in the tank are very elusive. I may not see them again for a month - there aren't too many photo opportunities. A year ago I put 10 Amano and one stray Red Cherry Shrimp into the tank. I felt the Amano were clearly Amano. Only two weeks ago I put some Yellow...
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    Greenish tinge to water - why ?

    I add iron every other day along with CSM+B, I've noticed that my water column looks green for the rest of the day. Iron would normally be brown/yellow but along with the plants in the tank the overall effect is green. If it is algae spores / free floating algae, which it may be, then a UV...
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    Mystery Shrimp ID?

    Thank you MrBryan723 That makes sense as the original shrimp in this tank a year ago were Ammano - but they were far lighter in colour, with the recognised spots along their sides. Interesting to think these are offspring of those. The Ammano found my fish population too threatening and...
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    Mystery Shrimp ID?

    I had 10 Ammano Shrimp in this tank over a year ago, but they didn't last. More recently I had some Yellow Cherry Shrimp, but they were decimated by my Angelfish within 3 days. Yet once every month or so I get a glimpse of a strange black shrimp that I didn't introduce to the tank. There are...
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    Upgrade my fluval

    Some filter wool for polishing as suggested by AmnScott is a good idea. Although you may not need it. Consider leaving it empty, this will help with your flow rate and is probably the single biggest improvement you can make.
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    Mature Siamese Algae Eaters (SAE)

    Great looking fish. I'll probably try two in my 50g. Have you found they stop eating algae as they get bigger, or does it depend on how much food you provide?
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    Mature Siamese Algae Eaters (SAE)

    Lots of photos and video showing cute 1.5 inch SAE on the Internet, but not much showing mature adults of 4-6 inches. Does anyone have pictures or video of larger SAE - just checking before I buy some for my 50g.
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    Plants in gravel?

    Yes, but you are quoting mid-strength LEDs If you look at the ADA Solar RGB, Chihiros RGB Vivid 2, Twinstar 900s, etc.. These lights will typically offer 130 par+ at substrate unless dimmed.
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    DGH = 8, Mg=15ppm, Ca=?

    OK. Panic over. Ca ppm = ((17.9 x dGH) - (4.1 x Mg ppm)) / 2.5 Mg ppm = ((17.9 x dGH) - (2.5 x Ca ppm)) / 4.1 7.144 Ca ppm = 1 dGH = 17.86 ppm GH 4.356 Mg ppm = 1 dGH = 17.86 ppm GH 1dGH = Ca : Mg [ppm] 7.0 : 0.0 6.0 : 0.7 5.0 : 1.3 (Sweet 4.0 : 1.9. Spot) 3.0 : 2.5 2.0 : 3.1 1.0 : 3.7...
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    DGH = 8, Mg=15ppm, Ca=?

    Hi All, I've been quietly going mad for the last couple of hours. I was discussing DIY fertilizer dosage with someone, who stated if dGH =8 and Mg=15ppm, Ca must equal 32ppm. I agreed at the time, but now can't remember or find the appropriate calculation. So assuming Ca2+ and Mg2+ are the...
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    Help with lowering my ph

    No sorry, it won't. OP is trying to lower his PH.
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    Help with lowering my ph

    You will need to lower your KH before you can lower your PH, as your KH is buffering your high PH. It is possible, but it's a pain. Why would you want to lower your PH?
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    Inject o2 at night and co2 durring the day

    That's a very nice tank! Well done. Can I ask what fertilizers you use? To answer your question. I also have CO2 injection, and provide O2 from lights off until CO2 on. I simply use a air pump on a timer plug, attached to an air stone in the aquarium. You say you are running O2 at 3bps, I...
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    A Tanks Worth of Plants to ID (Thank you )

    Wooo whoo!!! Vishaquatics - you nailed it!! That's all of them. Perfect!! Thank you & well done
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