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  1. Stocking 60 gallon cichlid tank

    I think it's a 60 gallon from petsmart but what else could I do with the yellow labs
  2. Stocking 60 gallon cichlid tank

  3. Stocking 60 gallon cichlid tank

    12.75 in L x 48.5 in W x 25 in H
  4. Stocking 60 gallon cichlid tank

    I've never stocked cichlids before but I had an idea in mind and let me know if it's wrong... 1 male 3-4 female yellow labs 1 m 3-4 fm red zebra 1 m 3-4 fm yellow tailed acei
  5. 75 gallon re-stock

    What about another acara? Or the black tetra or serpae tetra
  6. 75 gallon re-stock

    I was thinking something like the Aires tetras?
  7. 75 gallon re-stock

  8. 75 gallon re-stock

    That's what I wanted to add some schooling fish Yes, want to add schooling fish and possibly another acara
  9. 75 gallon re-stock

    So currently I have 2 jewel cichlids, electric acara, three spot gourami, botia, rainbow shark, and 2 raphael catfish. I'm rehomimg the jewel cichlids soon and need stocking ideas once I get rid of the jewels.
  10. Help me stock

    So the fish that I want to keep most are the Acara and cichlids. The botia I would keep too
  11. Help me stock

    Do you know this from experience
  12. Help me stock

    I did get them younger and they have grown up a good bit in my tank
  13. Help me stock

    The jewels are just too expensive to give back to my fish store. What if it turns out I have two females?
  14. Help me stock

    My goal is to keep my current fish
  15. Help me stock

    So I can't put anything else in there

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