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    Normans Lampeye Killifish too big for 10 gallon?

    Just my own little input, but I currently have a school of 14 in a 54 gal planted corner tank. I try to keep my ph around the 6.5-7 mark as best as I can and haven't had any issues so far. They are a schooling fish and have seen their behavior change being in a school of 6 & 14. The more the...
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    New Set-Up Parameters

    Really appreciate the advice. Would you suggest bottom feeders first or no?
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    New Set-Up Parameters

    Would you suggest using something like Dr. Tim’s to increase the amount a little faster? Or continue to slowly add some food daily?
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    New Set-Up Parameters

    As of Monday, just food
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    New Set-Up Parameters

    Have a new set I started Monday. It’s a 54 gallon corner that I am using as a planted scape and fish-less as of now. Wanting a good few cycles before I start introducing fish. My test today indicated that my ammonia is at .25ppm, nitrite is 0 and nitrates were at almost 20ppm, according to API’s...
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    Heater for 54 Gallon Corner

    Looking for advise for the most effective and efficient heater for a 54 gallon corner tank. Looking to do a planted tank with some nano inhabitants. TYIA
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    Glowlight tetra belly big?

    Sorry, must not have noticed. Oops!
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    Glowlight tetra belly big?

    Glowlights lay eggs. Are not live bearers like guppies. So you really aren't going to be seeing little eyes.
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    40 breeder final stocking question

    I am quite the same. The more I see one species in a tank the more I like it and makes me want to add more to the school. Thats why I love neons, a glowlights and embers so much.
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    Neon Tetra with a growth

    Any chances we can see some photos? I like to compare similar issues or questions I've seen to what others have experienced. If you don't mind.
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    Unknown Looking Fungus

    So I've recently seen this growing on the substrate and is quite difficult to extract with a gravel vac. It looks stringy and has a decent grip on the substrate. I figure it is from overfeeding but do not know what it actually is or if or how to treat it. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
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    What is this!?

    So she is due any day now. This will be her third birth. I tried looking but couldn’t find too too much. I will have to keep digging. We are keeping a close eye on her and had the same idea that maybe she might be having a larger litter this time around.
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    What is this!?

    I current have a guppy with this strange “thing” coming out of her vaginal opening. Any idea what it could be? Been like this for two days and has been getting longer.
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