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    Call the Cops

    yeah, where I live ghost shrimp are super cheap, like 25 cents apiece.
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    small saltwater tank

    Hey all, Is it really possible to have a ten gallon saltwater tank? If so, what equipment would I need? How would I set it up? What would I stock it with? Thanks! Emma
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    Woot! Won a complete 10 gallon set up

    I won some contest in Aquarium Fish magazine and got a complete 10 gallon set what to put in it muahaha. Suggestions?
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    Hi all! I am brand new from Minnesota

    yeah its cold....lately its been windchills of about 30, sometimes 40, below 0. brrr!
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    Hi all! I am brand new from Minnesota

    Welcome to Fishlore!!!! psst...Minnesota is the best state.....I live there....
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    Snow day tomorrow (yet another one=lots of $$$$$$$$)

    Re: Snow day tomorrow me we got a ton of snow...but NOOO the kids must have school! > > > >
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    who has seen a really rare fish at a pet store

    wow that's a lionfish (I think)! they have poisonous spines but they look totally awesome...
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    degrees of MTS...?

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    degrees of MTS...?

    yeah that's my problem, I would be at severe or dangerous except my mom won't let me get any more tanks :'( > :-\  hehehe
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    Shredded angel

    Yeah we tested the water with my Aquarium pharmaceuticals master test kit (whew) and the ammonia and nitrites were 0 and the nitrates were just fine, at 10. I looked at them and it is not finrot and shes dosing with melafix to make sure they don't get finrot. They were just torn in a few places...
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    Letter to Senator: fish dyeing must stop!

    dipping does hurt them. first they dunk it in a chemical that takes off their slime coating, then they dunk it in the paint, then they put it in this stuff that is supposed to grow back the slime coat. I don't think the walmart people would like it if someone dipped them in a chemical that...
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    Can mollies have more than one batch of young from one mating?

    Yes, it's up to 4 I think.
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    Please Help Identify Fish!! :)

    yeah I would say killifish.
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    I may not post a bunch for a while

    All my fish (and me) say GET WELL SOON ROSE!!!!
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    Nate is here and I have pictures!

    Wow he is very pretty! HI Nate!
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