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    5 Gallon Tank Is it ok to clean an empty tank with lighter fluid?

    Maybe if you allow the salt to sit on the seams for a long time, but I have a 55gal that I got used that I did this to 40 years ago, used it for salt water, dried it out, let it sit for seven years and during that time moved twice with it dry (even overseas), used it for salt water, changed it...
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    5 Gallon Tank Is it ok to clean an empty tank with lighter fluid?

    Yeah, some of us understand being poor and know the world doesn’t have to be disposable.
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    5 Gallon Tank Is it ok to clean an empty tank with lighter fluid?

    I would fill it, let it soak for a day, discard water. Repeat two or three times. Take a handful of baking soda and scrub out the tank, rinse. Take a handful of table salt and do the same. Then another fill, let soak for a day, discard water. Then cautiously try to cycle and add fish.
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    My disastrous night

    Why does it seem like tanks always choose the middle of the night to start leaking?
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    Surprise Fish

    I just spotted a second, smaller emperor tetra baby! And last week I found three unknown fry in my wastewater bucket, moved them to the growout tank. Hope they make it and I figure out what they are.
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    Where to Find Scientific Articles Online?

    I usually search PubMed for scientific article.
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    Yayyy.... it's my birthday...

    Congrats! Glad it was a good day.
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    Any geology people here?

    My bet without examining them in person is likely the white inclusions are fossil shell/coral pieces that ended up in mud that later underwent lithification (rock formation), sedimentary in nature. It could be differential crystal formation like Mattgirl suggested, but I would expect to see less...
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    Is there a trick to getting really fast fish out of the aquarium?!

    You can also hold a clear plastic cup in the tank, just under the surface, with a bit of food in it. When they go in, lift the cup.
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    Hygger LED light

    It does shut off completely in the middle of the night. Don’t ask me how I know, lol.
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    How big do BN fry need to be to mix with mature BN?

    The fry aren’t bothered by the other plecos, they just need to be large enough that the other fish can’t eat them.
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    Any Artists Here?

    I’ve been working on new pieces as I had a craft show yesterday. Here’s one I finished Friday night.
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    Fishing thread!

    I love to fish, went a week ago. There’s a little stocked body of water near our house - they call it a lake, more like a large pond - and we had trout for dinner. Best fishing I ever had was when we lived in Panama. Lake Gatun, the lake formed when they built the Panama Canal, is filled with...
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    Surprise Fish

    Spent a bit of time today watching the little one, it’s a feisty little thing!
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    Anyone used their snail poop for permaculturing in the garden?

    I just water my indoor plants and potted plants with my water from waterchanges. When I get to the slurry at the bottom, I just make sure I spread it out a bit on my plants or garden. My plants love it.
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