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    Fish floating to top

    Heres where I get confused. Now the fish is swimming fine. Could it be air in the stomach after eating? However it is still bloated.
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    Fish floating to top

    I have a twenty gallon aquarium. It has one powder blue dwarf gourami,two silver tip tetras,two black skirt tetras,two head and tail light tetras,two red columbian tetras and one black phantom tetra. My tank is well cycled.Ive had it for years and previously had angelfish but due to overstocking...
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    How Cool! Man saves Fish from swimming preventing disease by making life jacket

    That's so neat!That was a very clever idea.
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    Haven't been here in a while:)

    Hi everyone!I haven't been here in around a year.I've had some slight confrontations here in the past due to my own stubbornness but now I have much more knowledge so i'm looking for somewhat of a fresh start I still have the 20 gallon aquarium I have not had the chance to upgrade and do not...
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    Help What should I do?

    Update: My friend that I was hoping could hold the fish can't. But he convinced a family member to get into the fish keeping hobby. He told my situation and his family member agreed to take 2 of my angels until I get a bigger tank!Its a new tank that is cycled and now only has my 2 angles and...
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    Can a betta regrow SEVERELY damaged fins? *pic*

    Just do what people have said. My dad put his betta in the sink once while cleaning the tank(I WASN'T THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED)and accidentally got the fins caught in the sink stopper and almost completely ripped them all off. It recovered and has beautiful fins again.
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    Tank Placement.

    I keep my tank right near the end of my bed. I turn the filter flow on low at night so it makes the trickling noiseIt always puts me right to sleep
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    What's better than Bubble wrap?

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    What's better than Bubble wrap?

    That is fun lol!
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    Got a zebra snail today!

    Thanks for all the help guys
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    Got a zebra snail today!

    Thanks!My snails color of his shell looks really..I guess you would say pure.There's no discoloration.I have had snails before and they all died(I'm guessing to something with the water or lack of food because I used to keep all algae out of my tank)but now my tank is completely established and...
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    Got a zebra snail today!

    My snail went back in the water. I have heard that they can live out of the water for a short time but I don't know why a snail would do this intentionally.Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    Got a zebra snail today!

    I just checked on my snail and it is above the water level, on the inside rim of the tank.Is this normal or is something wrong?
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    Question What shall I name him?

    Or bubbles?hmmmmm....

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