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  1. Found Him Labeled As A Crowntail, But He Definitely Isn't A Crowntail.

    If you could get a picture of him flaring, I would be more sure, but he looks like a delta to me. I don’t think his fins extend to a full 180 degrees.
  2. How Do I Know When My Tank Is Cycled?

    When your tank is fully cycled, the levels should be 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5-30 nitrate, depending on your stocking.
  3. Back Again With The Fin Rot :( Please Help!

    Could you post a picture so we can see exactly how bad it is? I would use the Jungle Fungus Cure as it contains Nitrafurazone, which is very effective for treating fin rot.
  4. Options For A 3gal

    You don’t have many options. Would you be interested in keeping shrimp? Or snails?
  5. My Betta Mo Needs Help

    Continue to do consistent water changes to keep the water clean. Since you say it has gotten worse, it may be time to treat with a medicine such as API Fungus Cure or Jungle Tank Buddies Fungal Clear. Can you post a more current photo?
  6. Water Test Strips

    Yes, the humidity in the air messes with them, and I don’t think that they are as precise. If you only have the choice of strips, the Tetra strips are known to be more accurate than the API ones.
  7. Ill Rescue Fish

    Sorry, no advice here, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they do!
  8. Questions About This Betta

    He looks healthy to me! No fin rot or dropsy. I like dumbo-ears a lot!
  9. My Betta Mo Needs Help

    How is Mo doing?
  10. My Betta Mo Needs Help

    Params mean water parameters, and that means amounts of ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites in the water. You can find these by using a liquid test kit or some brands of test strips. Some pet stores do these tests for free. Looking at this picture, I think that Mo has a fungal issue. There is also...
  11. Aquatic Arts!

    There are a few small, 2-3 gallon tank kits for about $30. Here they are: Here is a Tetra Cube Tank 3 gallon. It is about $32 for Prime Members Here is a Tetra one that is also 3 gallons.
  12. Is Bio Spira Fast Acting?

    I have heard that BioSpira works pretty quickly, so it is possible that the bacteria have already processed the ammonia.
  13. Plants...

    You could experiment with some low-light, easy plants such as Anubias, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Java Moss (Moss of any sort, really), and Marimo Moss Balls. They will probably be okay.
  14. Is Omega One A Good Food?

    I feed my betta Omega One and he seems happy. I have heard it recommended a lot, along with New Life Spectrum.
  15. Raok (aka Free Things) - Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

    Neptune334 #1 or #3 This is a great idea and thank you for doing this!

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