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    Tap water for salt water aquarium?

    I guess that's true... I drink my water straight from the tap all the time, and it seems to be fine, except for the new comers who don't build up immunity to the water here
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    Tap water for salt water aquarium?

    My tap water is fine, and I use it for my freshwater tanks too. That or river water... I always end up dealing with algae, but my freshwater tanks have plecos and otocinclus cats too so algae isn't too much of a big deal
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    Tap water for salt water aquarium?

    Okay, so I am going to get a big at least 55 gallon tank, and I want to have a saltwater aquarium... can I use tap water and use chlorine killer and then put in the sea salt, and mix it up and then pour it into the aquarium that way? because I know that people get RO water, and that's just a...
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    Help Planning on setting up a Saltwater tank!

    I don't know if this is the right place, but I've been keeping freshwater tanks (all planted) for MANY MANY years now! And, I want to switch to Saltwater. Is there anything I should be aware of? Is it a lot more harder taking care of saltwater fishes than it is to take care of freshwater...
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    10 Gallon Tank Stock me!

    Really? I thought otos are small tiny fish?
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    Java Fern Questions

    I've kept Java ferns for a long time now and I have some free floating and others are tied down to rocks or Malaysian drift wood Normally, they thrive in low lighting, but I have pretty strong lights now that I changed my tank a bit, and they grow a lot faster I fertilize my aquariums once a...
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    Festivum cichlid and bolivian ram?

    I think the angels will be really aggressive to the Festivums... I have 4 festivums in with 1 angel and that is probably good enough because it's only one angel... gold gouramis are considered semi-aggressive and you never know... if the gouramis are in a bad mood they will chase the festivum...
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    29 Gallon Tank Discus with Angels?

    Alright. I have at the moment one betta, 1 hatchet fish, 3 ruby neons, 3 green neons (really really really small both ruby and green) lots of live plants and about 4 oto cats. I'm guessing my tank is already full along with having live plants too.
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    29 Gallon Tank Discus with Angels?

    I see. So then I can keep a discus in with angels? I hear angels are voracious eaters, but I've found a way to counter act that so that's not really much of a problem for me I'll probably go and get a discus today they are medium sized.
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    Question Can these fish stay in freshwater while they are still young and small?

    Lol thanks for telling me that but I like my freshwater fish too. I do you think I can buy a 10 gallon tank and set it up as brackish? Or even a 5 gallon tank and put one or 2 Scats in?
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    29 Gallon Tank Discus with Angels?

    Hello, I was wondering... since both discus and angelfish are from the Amazon and live together (somewhat) will the be fine in my tank? I have a good amount of live plants for them to hide in and I also have Festivum cichlids that won't do much damage to the discus at all either. Or will the...
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    Blood red parrot stocking

    Hello, as many people said that tetras aren't good with Angels or BRP's is true Although Angels and BRP's are okay with each other because I have raised those two together before, and they aren't tempermental with each other either. You can add in gouramis along with Danios if you have a tank...
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    Question sexing gouramis, and care questions

    AHAHAHAHA That is funny!!! Maybe she doesn't remember how to care for fish anymore? She should join this forum when you go off to college Lol well Sharks can be tempermental sometimes xD I remember having a bala shark and it was always very nice, although it picked on some fish so I traded...

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