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    Beta Went Into Slow Mode

    I'm sooooooooooo sorry. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( That is the hardest part! And then seeing the empty tank. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( I lost my Betta two weeks ago & my tank is still sitting there. It sounds like you took good care of him. Again...
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    Oto Was Stuck And Now Doesn't Look Good

    I'm so sorry!!!! Luckily you noticed before you went to school! I hope he'll be okay. I'm sure someone on this site will be able to help you. Good luck & let us know how he does. Gina
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    Male Guppy Nudging Female Platy

    I had the same problem with getting correct information. A lot of those people working in the pet shops are doing it for a pay check & may or may not know a thing about keeping fish (not all of them-but the ones here are like that). Really check out their tanks & see if they have dead fish...
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    Betta Woes

    Turning up your heater to 85 degrees for 14 days is supposed to help with the fin rot & ich. That is the advice I have gotten off of this site. Check with Chickadee, Gunnie or one of the other more experienced fish keepers I hope your fish will be okay & I wouldn't wait to see if it heals...
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    substrate and gravel vacing?

    Gunnie was talking about that substrate on the post "starting over". She can tell you exactly what it is. ;D
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    Water Change Question

    I always add the water conditioner to the water before adding to my tank. I don't let the water sit because it will not be the same temperature when I add to the tank. Do those conditioners remove the chlorine & chloramine right away? Gina
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    Starting over

    Yes, I would like to go with another Betta. Your right about the seashells being sharp. I hadn't thought of that. My Betta always hung around my plant & liked to sleep in this rock decoration I had. If I do use shells, I be careful they are not sharp. ;D Thanks Gina
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    Starting over

    I'm going to try again. :-[ I'm hooked & I miss my Betta. :'( I rinsed out my tank & the gravel. I don't know if I should just wash everything with hot water or should I use detergent. If detergent, any specific kind? I am not going to use the same gravel. I want to go with a more natural look...
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    betta friends

    I had guppies in with my Betta & they got along fine. I think it really depends on the Betta. When I would add fish with my Betta, I would rearrange things in the tank & then it was a new territory for all of them. I think my Betta liked having the company. ;D Gina
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    Betta Feeding

    Thank you Chickadee! It is devastating every time. But especially him. I will stay here. I am going to continue reading & learning. It will take time for my tank to cycle & by then I will be ready to save a poor Betta from those stupid little cups they keep them in. They always look so sad...
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    Help! What does ich look like? My poor Betta

    No. It was almost black & splotchy with white. It didn't look like ich. I found a site with different fish diseases & really didn't see anything like it. It looked similar to a bacterial picture I saw. I treated him with melafix around the first of the month for fin rot. They looked a little...
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    Betta Feeding

    I was feeding him Betta Min tropical flakes. He did really well with those. Then for variety, I added the freeze dried bloodworms. I tried the frozen pea. I bought the hikarI pellets & I tried the veggie flakes. I thought he was constipated, but he was sick with something else.. There were no...
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    Betta Feeding

    My betta gobbles up the freeze dried bloodworms. I thought he may be constipated from them but he has become very sick since I started changing his diet. Can the freeze dried bloodworms contaminate your water? Gina
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    Help! Sick Betta

    Just wanted to let you all know that I did purchase a new heater (& airstone). I ordered the stealth & can't wait until it gets here. I have been reading around a lot to find out what is going on with my fish!! He is still really sick & not eating. I posted in the disease section. I thought it...
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    Help! What does ich look like? My poor Betta

    After reading around on the site, I am not sure it is ich.??? It is on the side of his head & part of his gill. It is splotchy in color & transparent, it's almost like dry skin. When he moved today I could see it is on one side more than the other. I am guessing it might be bacterial after...
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