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    Many Many Fish Species available to Adopt

    You still have any peacock gudgeons? I'd love to take one or two off your hands
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    5 Gallon Tank Stocking A 5G?

    Just my 2 cents on the DG with ram discussion, I've had my bolivian rams in my 26g for about 8 months now and added the DG about 4 months ago(I know not a long time) but I have never seen one chase the other, either way. The DG tried to chase off my Keyhole a couple times but then got chased...
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    Stocking a new 26 gallon tank

    You don't think so? I haven't seen any issues with my DG and cichlids. Only ones the DG bothers are my barbs, and the DG stays too high in the tank for the rams to have a problem with him. Experiences do vary though, so a backup plan is always wise when dealing with semi-aggressive tanks. If...
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    Dwarf Gouramis - $1.99 @ PetSmart

    That is a good deal, I paid the full 6 bucks for mine! Although I can't say I wish I'd waited because at this point I'm kinda attached
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    dwarf gouramis & tank mates?

    I assume by dwarf rams you're talking about Bolivian or German Blue Rams? My rams get along just fine with my DG. I really don't think the rams would bother your cories unless they breed, then the oblivious cories may drive the rams to insanity. But as far as the DG is concerned the rams...
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    Stocking a new 26 gallon tank

    Maybe a single angel? not colorful but pretty. you could do another small school of tetra maybe? Outside the cichlids and dwarf gouramI I can't think of colorful fish other than a school of small ones.
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    Stocking a new 26 gallon tank

    Ya, fry can become an issue, you could consider swapping the livebearers for a dwarf cichlid or two. Like kribensis, rams, or apistogramma. Or, if you don't mind dealing with giving away fry, like jaysee said, the cories would make for a real active tank.
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    15 Gallon Tank Considering a DG in with Zebras. Advised?

    Just curious, how long have all your DG been together? Generally people have them end up killing eachother if put together. Op, about your filter, I don't think it'd be a problem, my DG swims right through the filter stream no problem and it's running 300gph.
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    royal red gouramis

    Just a word of warning, by ALL accounts of Dwarf GouramI experience, having multiple in a tank that isn't really really big, ends in 1 dwarf gouramI in the tank. Once they mature odds are extremely good that they'll kill each other.
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    Any clues to what this is in my tank?

    ya, my Keyhole ate the little bit that showed up on one of my plants, haven't seen any since(couple months ago). he ate the little bit of black beard algae I had before I quite overfeeding too(he's my bad stuff patrolman. )
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    What is normal DG behavior?

    Just a note, if your aquarium info is right, then I assume this DG would be going in your 10? I wouldn't recommend it with that gold gouramI being in there, DGs can be quite aggressive with other species of gourami, and extremely rough on other DGs once they reach maturity. So if you really...
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    30 Gallon Tank Stocking advice to 30g

    If you do end up getting a bolivian, try to pick out a male. My male's finnage is a lot nicer and his colors are just better all around, plus aside from to the female, he's no more aggressive than the female to other fish(really no aggression at all).
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    30 Gallon Tank Stocking advice to 30g

    I think that would certainly be an active and fully stocked tank, I wouldn't think it'd be overstocked. Maybe trade out one honey and go with a pair of bolivians?
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    Best for brown algae: Oto Cat or Nerite Snail?

    My nerites do a dandy job cleaning, even keep my plants clean(live now, fake when I had them.) I really like the way the zebra look. Drip acclimate them nice and slow, they should be fine. plus super bonus, they can't repulate in fresh water, so no crowding.
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    Name that cichlid

    If it was dull brown and 4 inches, perhaps a keyhole cichlid? There's a great picture of one in this month's fish of the month pictures. I love mine, probably the most peaceful fish in my tank.
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