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  1. Acrylic tank repair with fish in?

    Just put your betta in a jar and empty the tank, dry it out and use some weldon or superglue. Wait a day and put the betta back.
  2. Freshwater sump plumbing

    Im actually working on building a youtube channel for aquarium stuff and for gaming. Ill take some pics when i get home this afternoon
  3. Freshwater sump plumbing

    I go 3/4" partially for flow control because i have the max flow calculated for diameter and length and bend. Also because dursos at 3/4" are very quiet. The water change over is crazy. I run trickle towers on my sumps. Then baffled to a big refugium full of lava rock and the heaters then...
  4. Freshwater sump plumbing

    My tanks 125 gallon and under have 3/4" overflows and a 5/8" tygo tube return lines to my spray bars. Most of my tanks are running 1200gph or 1800 gph. The big tanks i have 1" overflows and 3/4" tygon to spraybar. Ball valves are isolation valves. Globe valves are actually designed for...
  5. Water Changing(method to your madness)

    90% every 2 weeks
  6. Freshwater sump plumbing

    That will work. You just have to throttle the return lines. Ball valves are terrible at throttling flow but its difficult to find globe valves in PVC of any proper size. What pump are you using?
  7. Freshwater sump plumbing

    If you can get globe valves that would ve even better for throttling.
  8. Freshwater sump plumbing

    Yeah just upload a pic
  9. Freshwater sump plumbing

    Bout to fly out of Texas but just a quick note. Your supply lines to the sump can be connected in a common drain however mak sure there is a 45 in each. Then you can use a common line to your sump. Return lines to the tank do not put in a common line. The flow variations due to the dissimilar...
  10. Freshwater sump plumbing

    Hey Dillan, Just saw this. Im in Texas right now for my daughter's Airforce bootcamp graduation. Let me read up what you want to do and ill get back to you after i drop her off for curfew.
  11. Top Fin Filter

    Tell you what bubba ill save you some headache and money. Get a nylon mesh bag and some lava rock from lowes. Put it in the bag and drop it in your tank for 2 weeks or so. After that remove the cartridge from your HOB and put the lava rock in. Never buy a cartridge ever again and enjoy a much...
  12. What’s wrong with my tank?

    What will changing the activate carbon do? Because if it is a bacterial bloom the answer is nothing. If it is air entrained in the water the answer is nothing. Carbon removes: Tannins (which are beneficial btw) Medication Phenols (smell) Organic solids (which if you have a filter worth...
  13. What are you doing to your tank today?

    Lol same
  14. How do I: Clean the top few inches of Aquarium (Hard water deposits)?

    Magic eraser will do it. Even better, fill your tank and you wont have that problem.
  15. Slime in every decor

    And a slight chemistry effect

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