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    Discus - Hope you like them

    I like them!
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    Beneficial Bacteria in a Bottle

    Thanks again guys!! I will definitely look at the expiration date and follow directions! Chunk, I shoulda mentioned I'm going bare bottom, so I'm thinking I may try Seachem, I wonder if one product works faster than another?
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    Beneficial Bacteria in a Bottle

    Hi all I want to cycle a tank fast, and without fish. Is all BBB the same? Thanks again guys Tips / recommendations on this cycle would be appreciated too
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    can't hold it anymore

    Gorgeous!! I hope to keep Discus for the first time soon!!
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    Crushed Coral As A Substrate

    Wow! glad I asked, thank you.
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    Crushed Coral As A Substrate

    Hi all I have heard that using crushed coral has some stabilizing and buffering properties when used in fw tanks. I can't find much on the subject, could someone explain, and I'd like to know if coral would be appropriate in a Discus tank. Thanks a bunch!
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    Social Groups

    Yeah, we need to get more social
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    Apparently I quit my job!

    UNLESS you can quickly transition to another job, +1
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    Harlequin Raspboras not eating...

    Don't trust a thermostat, get a separate thermometer.
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    Harlequin Raspboras not eating...

    What's the tank temp? Double check. At the beginning of winter, I had my heater go out, light still came on but water was freezing, fish started acting weird, and didn't realize it till I touched the water.
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    Severum eating new fish

    Wonder if this is a look into my future? I have Severums in a community, never have I seen him go after my neons. Not sure if you're gonna be able to keep your Sev off live food now lol, maybe you can give your new little guys a better chance of survival with a dim night light?
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    The rant thread

    Lol, I can't throw stones, I have neons with cichlids in my tank
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    What should be my first real plant in my aquarium?

    Hello What kind of lightning do you have on your tank? That will be important. I would suggest Jungle Val or Banana plant, they don't require really high amounts of light. Good luck, every time I try plants, I feel like I'm catering a salad bar for my Severums :/
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    The rant thread

    Wow, that one drives me insane!!
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    Just 1 more

    Yea, I'd guess a lot of them are just hiding. They may start to multiply.

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