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    Panda Garra

    Panda Garras do tend to bully each other (and other bottom dwellers to a lesser extent), so at least 30x30cm of footprint is advised per fish, with an excess of hidey holes. They will exhibit "greying" (a loss of those vibrant black/cream bands) when fighting and despite having a mouth that does...
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    This fish attacks my other fish :(

    To me that looks like an African Banded Barb, a fish I would love to have, but a group would do awfully in my hard water.
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking tomorrow!

    Glad I got the wrong end of the stick, enjoy your new pets.
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    Getting ready to add glowfish - one sickly :(

    Just checked your "aquarium info" (I dread to think how out of date mine is on here) and seeing 78F with Glofish (genetically modified Zebra Danios) rang alarm bells for me, that is far too high... These fish are temperate water fish that should spend most of the year at around 66F, perhaps...
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking tomorrow!

    Unless I have missed something, you have added 15 fish and a snail to an "uncycled" tank? If so, that is a massive risk to the lives of your new pets. If you do not have a liquid test kit to take ammonia and nitrite reading every morning and evening, to ensure neither of these is over 0.25...
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    Would a Krib be a good fit?

    As already written earlier, Kribs with Corydoras is a bad idea, even when not breeding they have been known to peck out Corydoras' eyes or worse. As written earlier, I would rehome the Giant Danios. These active guys deserve a 5-foot tank, something like 150 US gallons, plus they do so much...
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    upside down catfish

    The true Upside Down Catfish (Synodontis nigriventris) are like the Corydoras of the Americas, they are extremely social, so they should be kept in groups of at least 6+. A commonly mislabelled species, Synodontis nigrita, is much more solitary and anti-social. They love to roost in bushy...
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking around Celebes Rainbowfish

    How about some Forktail Rainbows (2 males, 4 females) for the top level, six Celebes (2 males, 4 females) for the middle and a pair of Empire Gudgeon for the tank bottom, for a nice Australasia theme?
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    Upside down catfish

    I currently have two small groups of Synodontis nigriventris (my tank details are very out of date here), with the long term aI'm of making a nice size group of nine. These catfish are very social and are also much more confident in groups. I began with the last three from one store last...
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    Substrate/Gold Dojo Loaches

    Fine sand is definitely the way forward, as these fish not only sift the sand looking for "goodies," but also love burrowing in very uncomfortable looking positions (often huddled in groups) with their head just poking out.
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    Loach type ideas please! Thanks

    If you already have corydoras, you need to be very careful which loaches you add to the community, as the loaches may completely outcompete the catfish for food, they are both species that are normally looking for food on the tank floor. This was one of the factors that resulted in me getting...
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    Feeding dojos

    You might well find that the Bronze Corydoras lose out on food long term... It's one of the factors why I bought a group of Hog-nosed Brochis to go with my group of Weather Loaches in the 5-footer, as Brochis are chunkier and more boisterous, enabling them to get their share of "dinner."
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    Dojo Loaches and tank mates

    I have eight (8) juvenile Dojos in my garage 5-footer [150USgal, 566l], set at 22C with ~4000lph of water current from a Fluval FX5 and an APS 2000EF. They spend most of their time (when I'm around at least) just "chilling out" together is positions that like rediculously uncomfortable, buried...
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    Look what i just ordered - Syncrossus berdmorei

    Any update on how the loach is doing, gunner13?
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    Look what i just ordered - Syncrossus berdmorei

    Any chance you can grow out this new one for a while in a separate tank? Either way, fingers crossed for the new arrival, I would love to see this youngster reach adult size and see their beautiful colouring.
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