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    Best Fish Alleyway!

    If anyone’s in the Guiyang, China area, PLEASE visit this market. It is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen; from the astonishing affordable prices to the most beautiful aquascapes I’ve seen. They have almost everything needed, from all those pretty little figurines, lush, healthy plants...
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    Question Can I Use Fluval Stratum For Goldfish?

    Okay. Thanks for the input. I use seachem root tabs and nutrafin plant fro.
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    Question Can I Use Fluval Stratum For Goldfish?

    While putting the best effort forth; buying this fertilizer and that, I’ve noticed that my plants always wilt. I am thinking it’s most likely due to the cause of my gravel substrate, but even with root tags and fertilizer, it seems to be taking no effect on the plants. So, today, I’ve been...
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    If You’re In Toronto, Visit This Store!!

    This pet store in Toronto was the best store I’ve ever visited! The employees were very friendly, and they had the best fish section! They were selling various lush large plants, for a very affordable price! I got this Amazon Sword here for $10!!! So beautiful Best store I’ve visited!!
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    Take A Fish Pic Right Now!

    My goldfish! Their names are Thing 1, Thing 2, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Koi! (You see, Thing 1 and 2 used to be brown, but they turned colour, now making three fish look identical) They are so cute!
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    Help Help! Is My Snail Dead?

    Ok. Will do.
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    Help Help! Is My Snail Dead?

    Help! I am writing this as an urgent topic because I’m not sure if my snail died. He is a Nerite snail who is living in my freshwater tank for around a month or two now and today I saw him upside down, looking lifeless. I started to assume he died, but in my research, I found that dead snails...
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    Important Constipated?

    It’s good now! My fish swallowed it as it softened! Scared me badly!
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    Important Constipated?

    Is it normal for Goldfish to slowly let out their waste? Are they constipated? Their waste dangles from the back.
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    Question Sponge Filter Insert

    It came out of my AquaClear filter, one of the inserts.
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    Question Fruit Options

    I was wondering (because I’m having a light snack) are fish allowed to eat pomegranate? Maybe a little bit?
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    Question Sponge Filter Insert

    Hello again! Should I throw away my used sponge?
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    Important Debris?

    Hi! I’m wondering is it normal for my fish tank filter to have debris? Should I remove it?

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