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    Guppies/Platies Dying

    First off you need to test ammonia/ nitite levels. You are probably taxing the “cycled” tank more than the bioload you provided from a shrimp tank.just moving water over from a cycled tank isn’t enough to instantly cycle a tank. Most of the biological bacteria is in the filter / sponge/ etc...
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    Nitrite test Gone weird?

    Perhaps a defective batch? Does it change after a 50 percent water change
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    I do not have the green thumb (unless algae counts )

    Well if nothing else ya’ll made me feel better. All anubias truly thrive in my tanks. We aren’t super hard but it must be enough or something else in the water. All the literature says java is hard water friendly but I have been reading real life accounts that say it struggles. I won’t mess...
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    Java Fern - dropping leaves

    Hi. I know I am late to the game. Mr clean erasers (the ones with no soap or generic brand) are very successful and quick at getting algae off my plants. Granted,I have always nipped it in the bud, but I just gently wipe and it is gone. ps I can’t grow java fern either and I have water on the...
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    About anubias golden

    I made the same mistake of quarantining my anubias plants in their black baskets. First time I didn’t remove them right away. After the second week most got root rot and did exactly what you said. They and every other aquarium plant i have ever received were healthy. Most of their plants are...
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    I do not have the green thumb (unless algae counts )

    Awesome! Thank you! That may be the missing piece! I will branch out and try one of your recommended species next. All I ever hear is they are indestructible. I have many anubias varieties and they thrive.
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    I do not have the green thumb (unless algae counts )

    No rooted plants yet so that was an in advance question . I have a pic attached. I may have been attaching it when you posted. I only have issues with java ferns. Anubias thrive. My wisteria died back upon acclimation / quarantine but seem to be improving with new lights just not wild growers...
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    I do not have the green thumb (unless algae counts )

    Veteran tank owner (18 years). But newer ti plants and not a natural. *Tank is stable and 29 gallon *25-30% weekly water change. *0 nitrite and ammonia *Slightly hard water *Nitrates are <5 even with ferts *ferts: nicolg thrive and leaf zone * primarily platies a a couple pygmy cories left. No...
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    10 Gallon Tank Fry that rode in on a plant

    Bookmarking for updates this is crazy surprising. Never heard of this happening so I an very curious. What a fun surprise
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    A Beginners 55 - Aka My 2nd Big Mistake

    Bigger place? I hope they all make it. I will be having to move all my tanks (during flooring renovation) and having ti empty and replace all water. At least i can save original water in buckets and just add 50 percent new
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    Tank temperature was 95 degrees…

    The forst poster said everything I would say. you will probably have to chuck that thermometer and buy a new one. The preset ones with +\_ will tell you on the label what it is set to. Small tanks heat and cool so rapidly
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    5 Gallon Tank Betta pics

    Oh no! Beauty of a fish. Easy fix, just change the background. Tey out new colors with posterboard or construction paper
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    What plant fertiliser does every one use?

    Nicolg thrive and leaf zone easy green did not work as well for me. Idk. Why not. i am still getting the hang of this plant stuff. I have low tech tanks. Anubias does well and since switching to my new ferts my java fern are improving. We will see if my new on “thrives”. i am currently...
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    Types of plants

    Water column was sufficient for java ferns and anubias because they aren’t planted. Once I have planted plants it is my understanding I should use root tabs as well. Thanks pp for the article! Very good article
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    Goldfish always pooping

    And goldfish create a lot of waste
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