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    What's the deal fellas??

    Fishlore mods- I am just learning that apparently I can't provide a link to a site with simple information/commentary regarding this hobby of ours. I won't mention the site as it is immaterial to my point. This makes me think that if you felt so inclined,you could literally block the access to...
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    Super chlorination events

    This is quite puzzling. There was a link in the original post that lead to a page regarding the subject title. There was also two replies by me that also not only linked the site but even just mentioned it. For some reason fishlore keeps taking down the link. I don't appreciate that at all. I...
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    Super chlorination events

    Has anyone ever heard about this?? This is just nuts. I've been in this hobby for a minute and this is literally the first I've heard of this. If this is true then wow.
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    How could anyone not appreciate the irony?

    They don't tell you this when you begin keeping fish, and if they do you sure as heck don't appreciate the information at face value. This post is going to be broadly about the nitorgen cycle, and more specifically nitrates. I like to call nitrates the aquariums cruel joke. Allow me to explain...
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    The Pig
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    Can't determine if my Betta's fins are rotting or growing back

    The blue stuff in the betta cup is actually methylene blue and it's a very good thing to put in their cup. It helps them breathe, amongst other things. So it's actually something you want to see. As far as fin rot goes I'm not sure if salt alone will kill that bacteria. I've always used...
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    Cycling with tss plus?

    Im pretty sure the ammonia/nitrite readings will be directly proportional so a change in one means a change in the other by definition so a reading of .25 ammonia and 0 nitrite after adding 1 ppm ammonia is a little wierd or am I reading this wrong
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    What to do with a stagnant filter?

    Does it smell bad? Usually when it becomes anaerobic that particular bacteria creates hydrogen sulfide which smells pretty bad. If it doesn't have a bad smell to it I'd say it's probably ok to use but I would get that opinion seconded before if act on it. If you have another tank or access to...
  9. One of our fish children

    One of our fish children

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    A Cautionary Tale, or How I Learned I'm an Idiot

    thanks for the reply man but I actually have it taken care of. I'm running a canister on the tank in question and have plenty of sponge in it. Not to mention I have another 55 gallon which is duel canistered which I borrowed said sponges from. Before you mention it yes I'm aware 2 canister...
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    A Cautionary Tale, or How I Learned I'm an Idiot

    Fishlore members, and especially those that are just getting into this hobby or even those wise old hats that may be setting up a new tank, if you would all be so kind as to indulge me for a moment I would love to spin thee a yarn. The following is based on a true story ( based on meaning it...
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    Purigen and medication

    Hey guys quick question does anyone know with any certianty if Seachem Purigen will remove medication, in particular Microbe Lift Lice and Anchor Worn treatment? I dosed my 55 gallon tank a couple days ago and the next day remembered the bag of purigen I had in the canister filter. I'm leaning...
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    Let's Hear Some Horror Stories

    Thanks so much to all who have replied you guy are awesome. These stories didnt disapoint, thats for sure. Darn DaScotty, straight up in half?? That's rough dude. As for everyone who didn't reply, you're all obviously dead to me
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    Let's Hear Some Horror Stories

    Hello Fishlore community; longtime listener, first time caller. This is my first post on this terrific forum. I've been creeping this site for a while but only created my handle recently when my girl MsFancyFish decided it would be cute to do the Mr and Ms bit. Ok so as for the topic,we have...
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