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    Film over th top of newlying cycling tank

    If you are using fluorite for substrate it will be there for awhile.
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    Glass vs Acrylic

    What size?
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    Need to Rehome 2 Tanks-NE Ohio

    I am getting notifications through email that there are replies to this thread, but I don't see them?
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    Need to Rehome 2 Tanks-NE Ohio

    Unfortunately, I will be moving across the country for a new job, and I will be renting until I can find a house. That being said, moving my tanks with me is not possible. I need to re-home two tanks and their inhabitants. Please PM me if interested in either tank. I have also reached out to...
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    Aquaclear20 Learning Moment and Small Question

    They include charcoal with these get you to buy more charcoal. It works great for removing medicine or the occasional unknown odor. But activated charcoal only lasts about a month, and then it is no longer effective. Thus, you need to purchase more, per the manufacturer's...
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    Cycle complete in 4 weeks?

    I don't see anywhere he mentioned water changes in the first post? Yannick , I would say you are ready for fish. You need to test for nitrates. Do enough of a water change to get below 20ppm on nitrates, and you are good to go. If you can't add fish right away, I would dose to 2ppm ammonia...
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    What I sent my betta fish eating?!?!

    What do you mean he is not fast enough to catch it? If your filter is causing the food to float around the top of the tank so much that he can't get to it, turn your filter off while you feed him.
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    Confusion on Nitrites and Nitrates after Water Change

    How is 20 ppm through the roof? That is a perfectly acceptable number after a water change.
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    Confusion on Nitrites and Nitrates after Water Change

    Your initial readings were: 0 Ammonia 5 Nitrite 80 Nitrate You changed 50% of the water. One could conclude that your results should be: 0 Ammonia 2.5 Nitrite (50% of initial reading) 40 Nitrate (50% of initial reading) Not sure why you are surprised with the results of the second test? The...
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    Moving 75 Gallon Tank Across a Room - Any Advice?

    Be extremely careful when you are putting the sliders under the cabinet. This is when you could rack the aquarium, by not lifting each corner equally. Do not lift one corner, put a slider under it, and then move to the next corner. If you can, lift an entire end at the same time, and place a...
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    Check my first test results please

    Ah ok. That is why your ammonia is zero. To properly do a fishless cycle, you need to supply an ammonia source, which is essentially replacing the waste that the fish will produce. There are several products on the market, but all you really need is pure ammonia. (no perfumes or anything...
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    Check my first test results please

    Excellent. A fishless cycle. I would not change any water yet. What have you been using for an ammonia source? And to how many parts per million have you been dosing the ammonia?
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    Check my first test results please

    How long have you been cycling this tank? Are there fish in the tank now?
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    New Member; Just started keeping Oscars

    Aren't blood parrots very territorial? Could that be the issue with the oscars always hiding? You have to remember that even if they are roughly the same size, the parrots are a lot older than the oscars, since the oscars grow so fast. As for the 75. You are going to keep two full grown...
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