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    Holey Rock

    I have ordered some of the bettas I had in the past from a lady in Canada. I live in Arizona and my lovies came to me live, healthy and absolutely beautiful. Getting from a breeder is definitely a good way to get a fish that you have chosen and that is healthy. You can also ask for a young betta...
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    Help, are they going to hurt themselves?

    My bettas have just moved into their new hexagon divided tank, complete with a black light for warmth and floating plants. I don't have much stuff at the bottom for them to hide in, because I don't want to crowd them. They have never been so close to each other and they now spend a great deal of...
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    hello, I'm new here, but not new to fish!

    This is my first time with this group, just found it when I was searching the net for info about my bettas. I have six that I just put into a divided hex tank with floating plants and different kinds of strata, including sand. They have never been in such close proximity before. ??? They spend a...

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