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  1. help chikadee

    tes i do understand they will be separate...and happy...weeee! today they are all very active...i wish they got bigger.imagine if they grew to be 6 in. they'd look like mermaids!
  2. help chikadee

    gosh...thanks guys...i never know an online community could be so normal, and helpful! Rose, i will work it out with a heated 5 gallon...and i'll get some really good plants to put there...its funny, it's warm in the office...and they are playing in the plants, and fidgeting in...
  3. help chikadee

    aww man. i thought i was doing a good job...but that was because i was listening to the idiots that sound like they are soooo sure about fish! okay...let me tell you the details :'( i read up on bettas...and asked numerous questions to people i trust would have known. i figured out i would get...
  4. help chikadee

    you think i need more than a 1.5 gal for single betta? ...i didn't think they needed a filter...heater?
  5. help chikadee

    i have 3 three bowls, about 1.5 gall. two of themlook like there veils are clamped in the middle...not the whole fin...just like a slight twist in the middle of the tail fin....and idea what this is? was really hungry after the weekend, and so i fed him one betta gold...
  6. mean blue gourami

    :ahhhh...well my friend is always there to check up on them...i hope they'll be cool. ...thanks again...hopefully i'll do well with this new hobby!
  7. mean blue gourami

    thank you so much. yesterday i found out that i have two males...and they were indeed competing for space...but it looks as if the gourami will get along okay in the big tank with the should see how small he looks in there....and he's always trying to reach out to the others with...
  8. betta friends

    bettas are individuals...and no one taste applies to one. they are picky fish
  9. Is my Betta a soldier?!?!

    i just bought a betta...and he does that too....but he's alone...they are funny. maybe you should put him in a nice cozy 1-2 gallon fishbowl...i get mine at hobby lobby, in the vase section.
  10. mean blue gourami

    they did look like they were mating...but how am i to be certain? the male....if this is true...was nipping the female, and she was turning on her side...and they were kindof hugging...this would seem like mating to me....but no bubble nest....just typical bubbles like any other tank. -thank...
  11. Betta Tank

    when i got my bettas, i just bought a big glass bowl from hobby lobby, and it was like 5 dollars, i find it perfect, and will continue to buy and use them to house my babies! they will be in the floral section...can't miss them near flower vases! -lisa
  12. mean blue gourami

    hi my name is a new member. okay, so i buy these two blue gouramis, and put them with my rosey barbs...well the gouramis seemed to be mating, but then things start to get weird. everytime i come home, i go look at the tank, and there is the abused gourami...still and listless up in the...

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