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    Bristleworm friend or foe?

    First let me welcome you to Fishlore! Second let me say, you will always have a right to speak here at Fishlore!
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    Bristleworm friend or foe?

    Very well put I love an educated reefer
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    how long should I wait after adding salt to add live sand and live rock?

    It's means your nitrogen cycle has begun. No worries here ok. It's normal. Continue for the next 4-6 weeks testing for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. When these levels drop to .0 then your cycle is complete. There's no need to test every day, 1x weekly would be fine. You won't see much of a...
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    55 Gallon Tank New SW setup. Need a lot of help please.

    For a FOWLR a canister filter would work just fine. For more flow in tank for a 60 gallonI'd look at the Korilia's 2x550, one for each side. Keeping the flow directed towards the rock will help keep the rock detritus free and allowing your filter to do it's job. In a FOWLR you can go less on...
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    how long should I wait after adding salt to add live sand and live rock?

    Your readings are all going to be .0 because you have nothing in the tank~once you add your rock and sand you will see an increase in these readings~after which you can test daily or every other day until your readings reach .0 then your tank will be safely cycled.
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    setting up my first saltwater tank. questions...

    Live rock does not need curing. It already has the bacteria needed. Curing is the process needed to build up the beginnings of the beneficial bacteria. Once the dry rock is cured it can then be added to a tank. At this time the cycling begins. Live rock is more expensive. With live rock you...
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    Bristleworm friend or foe?

    When posting and your using all capital letters followed by exclamation marks that is considered YELLING!!! See what I mean? That's understandable having a fear of being stung. But as for them being bad for a tank, that's not so. When moving corals around it is highly recommended that we...
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    Bristleworm friend or foe?

    Why are you yelling? Do your research. Please explain the damage they cause. What negative experiences have you personally had with them. I have many in my tank as do many of my fellow reefers, my LFS buys them from me. If your going to give advice, back it up with facts
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    any ideas what this is

    Aptasia yes. Scrape it off, no! Best way to rid your tank of these not so nice pests is, Joe's Juice or a syringe filled with boiling water and apply it directly to the Aptasia. If you scrape it, it will release spores and then you'll have them everywhere.
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    setting up my first saltwater tank. questions...

    I recently purchased 30# of dry PukanI from Bulk Reef Supplies, cost shipped was $93. The rock is beautiful, porous and grows coralin algae of many colors faster then live rock. After buying live rock and fighting with unwanted hitchhikers~major Hair algae I'll never buy live again. Yes the...
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    Bristleworm friend or foe?

    I disagree with Stag Man. Bristle worms are harmless~they are a great addition to any clean up crew~they will excavate your rock~they will eat just about anything, except if it's alive. However, if you accidentally come into contact with one they can release their bristles into you skin, giving...
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    Rearranging live rocks

    Most likely due to stress yes~did you stir up your substrate a lot? If so I'd do an extra WC~also to relieve the fishes stress keep your lights off for a day~let her settle down.
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    Green Hair Algae Help!

    Vacuumed the sand? Totally wouldn't recommend that, sorry. Here's some steps you can take to help reduce the HA. Since you have no corals, turn your lights off and keep them off for at least 2 weeks. Reduce your feedings both in the amount you feed and times in a day. Up your water changes...
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    Hello (Need advice)

    Personally I would just put some carbon into the canister. You could also add a bag of ChemiPure Elite, awesome addition to any filtration system. Good luck and have fun p.s. here's what I've done to make up for the lack of space issue I have too. Check it out, see what you think. Sure...
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    Stocking My New Aquarium- Is this an ok plan?

    Your gonna hate me by the time I'm done answering, only because I have more questions for you then you do for us. lol First=What type of lighting are you going to be using? Clams have very high lighting requirements, like metal halides. A 250w lamp can run you $69+ Second=when stalking...
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