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    Nitrite Toxicity

    That’s pretty smart. Not something most people would think to do, and I hate to say it but I know plenty who aren’t capable of thinking up or working out an equation like that at all - median intelligence ain’t what it used to be lol. But my point was this - the test isn’t meant for the user to...
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    Quick Help Needed

    Whoa.. that’s a bit high. Not that you’d necessarily want to try to tweak it, I’m not honestly sure if that could be high enough to bother a betta long term but... keep in mind that ammonia is much more toxic with a high ph like that. Is it the same from the tap? The other tank? Is it stable or...
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    Quick Help Needed

    If there is any ammonia then do a water change ASAP. There’s really never a reason to ask first, change water and then come post. Water changes never hurt. Is the fish in the tank yet? Are you sure there was no ammonia in the source water? It’s possible the bacteria just hasn’t consumed it yet...
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    Nitrite Toxicity

    It seems quite important to point out that all the fish referenced in this quote are quite large - chinook salmon are the largest species weighing up to 75 lbs, cutthroat and rainbow trout both regularly exceed 20 lbs full grown, channel cats are one of the biggest catfish species... and beyond...
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    Ellobiopsidae Treatment Journal

    OP and @Irlandaise, how are y'all’s shrimp doing? I came back here from an extended hiatus to seek advice for my own (other) shrimp issues, but saw this thread and wanted to join in. I just had my first experience with this parasite a few weeks ago and am still very much on edge wondering...
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    Are There Fish That Are Cursed?

    Jeez well I’m in no position for them now, but down the road a bit, when I’m hopefully settled in a new place with an extra room for fish and birds, I may have to have one or two How do you guys think they’d get on sharing a tank with discus? That’s about all I can think of as far as fish that...
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    Are There Fish That Are Cursed?

    I’d love to have one or two sometime... no breeders around here though, and all the stores get them from fish farms.
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    Small Fishes Like Neon Tetras

    I’m not sure I’d youre asking if you should only put the amount of water that the smaller tank holds in the new tank?? You’ll want to fill up the new tank with conditioned water, all the way to the top, move the substrate, decor, filter, heater etc. over, make sure the temp is right and then put...
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    Clean Up Crew

    That’s a great point. I agree in that I don’t believe the lack of conditioner is to blame for the various deaths. It’s possible these last few died after the water change as a result of toxins being stirred up from under the substrate.
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    Are There Fish That Are Cursed?

    I wanted them for YEARS but couldn’t find them anywhere, and then came across them by chance while buying bugs for my lizard. The only issues with them are that they need a really densely planted tank with a million places to hide and totally stable water parameters, and you have to culture live...
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    Not Going To Lie - Need Massive Help With My 29 Gallon Minnow Aquarium

    It doesn’t look like you have any nitrate though?? Still kinda hard to tell. Maybe next time stand the card up behind the vials, you know? What are you using for conditioner? You should get some prime if you don’t have it already. Also - don’t worry about the moss balls. They are technically...
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    Any Suggestions? Moss Maybe?

    Java moss is obnoxious like that. Always floating around, getting stuck to stuff, catching debris... ugh. What about like a micro sword or dwarf hairgrass? I wish my tank looked all neat and clean and spiffy.
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    Question No Longer Need Cold Pack For Shipping Shrimp?

    I believe it. I also kept some in a one gallon walstad bowl that hung on an outside wall of my house for an entire winter, and while it was usually somewhere in the low to mid 60s, I’m sure it got much colder at times. They're pretty hard to kill provided there’s no toxins in the water.
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    Am I Overstocked?

    That’s what I’m saying... they kinda look like two different crabs, like a blue on the left and a Jonah or rock crab on the right, but I sell lobster and crabs for a living and they look real to me. Either that or someone put a LOT of effort into sculpting and painting a super realistic fake crab.
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    Are There Fish That Are Cursed?

    I have sparkling gouramis, ember tetras and scarlet badis now, and working on rebuilding my shrimp. I love the look of teeny tiny fish in a big tank. Scarlet badis are really difficult to keep, only eat live food and are pretty fragile but their little personalities are amazing. Not always...

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