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  1. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    Helps with the patience when you have 0 energy for anything but basic upkeep and keeping them alive lol. Now I am laying on the couch, with a magnifying glass, searching for fry of various sizes lol.
  2. Elassoma Tank

    Some of mine are just eyes. I have a couple about 1/4 inch I just saw last night. Quick and sneaky lol.
  3. Elassoma Tank

    Looks great! I wish I could get clear photos like you. My fry are just awful about being seen. Only saw two 1/4 inch juvies last night! Didn't know they were there lol. Mine are hiding in the mulm and the absolute jungle in the tank.
  4. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    Hi all. It's nice to be back. October and November were pretty sucky healthwise and I didn't keep up with anything. Hopefully things are back on track and my fingers will work to type without too many errors I don't catch. The okees are doing well. It seems I've been having babies for a while...
  5. Elassoma Tank

    That fight is so right lol. I think mine got into a tussle while I was away as one has a slight irregularity in the fin profile. Other than that, they are doing well, went after the grindal worms better today than I have seen them but I wasn't home to feed sat so they were a bit hungry. Maybe...
  6. Elassoma Tank

    I've had mine what, 6 weeks now? And I have only counted 12 one time since then, they are sneaky boogers lol. And yeah, it does seem that just getting a group from wildcaught gives you a high male ration. I think I have 8m/4f. I moved two f/1m into another tank yesterday, they seem to be...
  7. Elassoma Tank

    Well, wouldn't be temp or ph I wouldn't think. He's been fine for two weeks or so. I'd figure either he got an injury that developed an infection, or had something when you got him. I'm so sorry. If you need, I can send another male, I got bunches of them lol
  8. Elassoma Tank

    I'm going to split mine into a 7g. I have way more boys than girls, so will try to pick best boy and see if I can find 2 girls lol. That will leave 9 in the 10 gallon, mostly or all boys. I did count 12 the other day lol. First time since I put them in there however long ago. I think I have 3 or 4...
  9. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    Thanks everybody. It was quite a feat, my kids. Three birthed, two fostered, the niece and nephews, all the friends they brought, of which I have kept a few for my own lol. My house was the one that was always kid friendly, and they all knew that I would "Momma" them down to behavior...
  10. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    It seemed a good time was had by all. They wanted a small wedding with a limited guest list and this venue did it lol. The hot dogs and brats were almost all eaten, as were the salted caramel smores. There was some beer left, and all the liquor had some leftovers. No one fell down the hill...
  11. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    The cabin sits on a ledge we carved out of the hill, there is a steep treed slope down to the bottom where we camp. And the hill continues on up on the left of the cabin. This is the only clearing on the ledge.
  12. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    The alter with the little tree they will plant here on the farm where they will build their house. The lights got better as it got darker of course lol. The cabin and shooting shed we used to put the food. This was during the speeches. My oldest and her oldest neice My middle girl and my...
  13. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    Bride and her daddy making music My three girls, the groom and the best man.
  14. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    OK, let me see if I can get them to post from there.
  15. Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    ok, fb is DeAnn Foster, in KY. See my timeline for the few I have up. Yeah, some of mine will eat frozen, others won't. But when I put a chunk in there, they all seem to be gone the next morning, whether it is the snails or the sunnys "grazing" i dunno.

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