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    new Discus

    today we added a new disscus to the tank. well have pictures as soon as he/she settles in to the new home.
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    My 39 Gallon Fully Planted

    nice setup, and that angel looks like a male to me
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    Question My new unknown fishies

    they are red pacus
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    55 Gallon Tank Angelfish Free Swimming Fry!

    nice Shawnie, i have a tank full of fry also. i have a tank full of fry seems to be every month, sometimes twice a month
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    Rome wasn't built in a day! Part 2

    nice man, thats some good work. one of these days i'm be putting my tank in the wall when we start build the bar here at my house.
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    hi dogman and welcome
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    Quick vid of heavily planted Oscar tank

    love your silver dollars. i had a few of them but they moved to my friends tank. just couldn't let them feed on my plants anymore
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    80 Gallon SA Planted Tank Journal

    i like your setup. nice work
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    20 Gallon Tank new with discus

    yeah siamese blue, discus is a fish that you wouldn't want to get started with in this hobby. not only are they hard to keep they can also be very costly. and they like to be kept in groups of 6 and more. if i were you i would get started with like swordtails, guppies, tetras, mollies...
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    my little guy

    heres a few shots of my little guy.
  11. koi angelfish

    koi angelfish

  12. red turquoise discus

    red turquoise discus

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    My tank

    yeah i'd have to say the discus is my favorite
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    my angels

    sorry for some of the poor pics but i gotta get a new camera

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