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    Odessa Barb - rate of growth?

    Bump. Is there anyone here knowledgeable on the growth rate of these fish? I've had them 15+ months now and they barely seem to be growing, beyond the size that I bought them. I still have those original 10 as above stocking. Feeding and water change routine noted in original post. thanks...
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    50 Gallon Tank Peroxide Dip - How do I do this?

    Great, let us know how it goes. Give it some time to see how the plants look. I think that Youtube video I linked, although he talks too much haha, I do like his thoughts of dousing the entire tank with 1 ml / gallon of peroxide. Apparently even safe for his shrimp I thought he said. I'd have...
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    50 Gallon Tank Peroxide Dip - How do I do this?

    Bleach dip works, as noted above. Although last week I used hydrogen peroxide (3%). Equal parts H2O/H2O2 I use a spray bottle and mix 1 cup water + 1 cup peroxide. I took Anubias out of tank (rubber banded/thread tied etc. to rocks/wood) and sprayed them in the bathroom. Sit for 2 minutes...
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    Seachem prime ingestion

    If already mentioned in this thread, I apologize - what about using it for your garden, house plants etc?
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    Seachem prime ingestion

    Note to self: clean bathtub this weekend, or next year - whichever comes first, or whichever I remember first!
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    New Pond Journal

    Nice job man - you're definitely a handy guy. I'm all thumbs, wouldn't know where to begin after I dug the hole.
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    Your favorite root tabs!

    1. Seachem Flourish tabs (3-4 months per tab). 2. NilocG Thrive tabs (better bang for the buck - and apparently has a better npk profile) (3-4 months per tab). 3. Osmocote+ capsules (amazon/ebay/your local garden center (use gel caps to make your own)). (6 months/cap). ------------- I've used...
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    Notes for those looking for air pumps

    I've used air pumps when hatching brine shrimp in a bucket. Or, attached to a sponge filter for a 10g filtration / quarantine tank etc. They definitely still have a use to this day, especially in breeder tanks. Neat topic for sure - yes, I've had good luck with Tetra as well.
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    Seachem prime ingestion

    Dude - I'll mail you a few cases of water?
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    Liquid co2?

    Well that's interesting about the potassium & excel. What did the potassium help with? Was your fertilizer lacking in sufficient potassium? ---------------------- Also, a bit interesting that Seachem right on their website says, if a CO2 injection system is a 10, that Excel is a 7 (paraphrasing...
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    Amazon Sword yellowing at the leaftips. Setup details and pictures included

    Common plecos must be ridiculously easy/cheap for pet stores to acquire. They are a business after all and many will gladly sell you something that will 'survive' in your tank, at least for awhile.
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Made a minestrone soup the other day in a dutch oven. sausage/kale/cannellini beans/crushed tomatoes/carrots/celery/chicken stock/whole head of garlic/various spices/parmessan rind. So yummy and makes about 10-11 servings. Sprinkle a little bit extra parmessan cheese on top when serving...
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    Filter recommendation: For creating sand bed current.

    Interesting - ok, so just a regular powerhead with a little sponge on it, so your fish don't get into trouble? I haven't used those since the days of under gravel filters. I don't remember - can you control the output strength, hi/low etc?
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    Aquaclear super buzz noise

    I'm quite fascinated by the Seachem Tidal's but here in Canada, they are pretty expensive vs. AquaClear or similar. I understand they don't have self-priming issues that AquaClear's can have (sometimes), but I think I'll wait until my AquaClears or Tetra Whisper give up the ghost - which you...
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    Filter recommendation: For creating sand bed current.

    Thanks for your thoughts. It might be more trouble than it's worth for owning only 2 aquariums. Besides, siphoning up the debris makes me more active (more exercise is never a bad thing lol) and aware of my tank conditions. I like your idea of air stones/pump, haven't used those in ages...
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