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  1. German Ram Tank

    I could do a banjo catfish or two if that's better stocking then cories.
  2. German Ram Tank

    Hi everryone, I want to do a group of 3 - 4 (1 male 2 to 3 females) German rams, and maybe some Cories and hatchet fish in a 20 gallon. For filtration I have a aqua tech 30 - 60 gallon filter with a bag of chemi-pure elite in it. I'm wondering if this is overstocking since my tank is a 20...
  3. Mini Tanganyika.

    Hi everyone, I have a 20 gallon tank (30 inches*12 inches*12inches) and I've been wanting to do African cichlids for awhile but most were to big that is when I found out about shell dwellers and some rock dwelling cichlids from lake Tanganyika. I've did research on both and came to a slight...
  4. Nano Fish

    Hey guys, I've did some major changes to my 20 gallon. It's heavily planted and has no fish but thats going to change pretty soon. For future stock I planned on getting 10 celestial pearl danio, 10 ember tetras, 8 or 10 corydoras habrosus and 3 peacock gudgeons(or possible 1 peaceful betta or 5...
  5. stocking help for 21g

    So for my 21 gallon I've gone With a west African theme. I know all of the fish that I want but i'm not sure if all of them can go in a tank this size. I want 1 african butterfly fish, 2 kribs (or blockhead cichlids), 6 to 8 red eye African tetras, and 4 upside down mouth catfish (Synodontis...
  6. Bolivian Ram biotope vs keyhole cichlid biotope?

    Which setup is better and easier or
  7. 20 Gallon Tank Beautiful Plecos

    I would if I could lol but on the bright side at least I can get one Its L - 138
  8. 20 Gallon Tank Beautiful Plecos

    I was at my LFS just buying some more filter cartridges and saw some stunning plecos which made me slowly start losing my taste in the long finned busynose pleco. Now the plecos i saw(that i actually want) are kinda uncommon. The fisrt one I saw was the Tiger pleco , Then i saw a starry night...
  9. 10 Gallon Tank stocking

    I already know that my stocking is extremely limited. I have thought of a few fish that i know can live in there and those are the dumbo betta, scarlet badis, sparkling gourami, and pea puffer. I know that they all can't live together but i don't know which one would be the best to keep.
  10. This always happens

    Yes and they are pretty simple to keep well not the German ram but if you have good water quality your fish should be fine and mine is good
  11. This always happens

    Every time I try to decide on which dwarf cichlid to get i always get so confused and it's always the same 3 the Kribensis, Apistogramma cacatuoides, and the german ram (or gold). I wish i had a 50 gallon so i could keep them all together but i only have a 20 gallon and i don't know which to get...
  12. Restocking

    but the paradise fish only gets 4 or 3 inches and won't the males be really aggressive with each other.
  13. Restocking

    i know this mat sound a little mean or insensitive but what is i get guppies and get them to breed a few times and later add a paradise fish to help my krib with the population control .
  14. Restocking

    i am leaning towards adding a paradise fish and some cory catfish and that it
  15. Restocking

    Yes it is the 20 gallon and I am thinking of guppies and Mollys

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