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    March 10th, the day after I brought him home from the store.
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    Meet Simon, my beloved Red Dragon Flowerhorn.
  3. Simon, the Flowerhorn

    Simon, the Flowerhorn

    Meet my beloved Red Dragon Flowerhorn, Simon.
  4. Micaella

    Help Velvet? Help!

    Water quality is pristine. I've always had good luck treating with salt. Due to all the stress he's been under, I really don't want to change all his water again. No rubbing or flashing. He had just eaten a meal worm after that picture. I've heard both sides on Bettafix, did a lot of research...
  5. Micaella

    Help Velvet? Help!

    Thank you. Any suggestions on what may be the issue?
  6. Micaella

    Help Velvet? Help!

    I rescued Gas from my local Pet Supermarket a week ago now. Originally he was placed in my 10 gallon with 10 neon tetras and two Corydoras but the tetras were nipping at his fins. Very odd. He is now in a 10 gallon, heated to 79 degrees, filter with minimal flow. Parameters are all good, tank...

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