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    Sunfish flashing

    Hello, I have just recently acquired a pair of green sunfish for a 75 gallon aquarium that has been cycled over the course of several weeks. Before I dive deeper into the condition, my readings are as follows (following Tetra EasyStrips & API Master Freshwater Test Kit); Ammonia - 0, Nitrite -...
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    Sparkling Gourami or Clown Killifish?

    I recently relocated to Southern California for work-relations, and I've been interested in acquiring a smaller aquarium again, and I think I've found the one I'm looking for (6 Gallon); I'm left with the question if stocking, however. I'd like to start a breeding project of either of the two...
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    Gulper Catfish?

    Has anyone ever had/wanted a gulper? I honestly think they're really cool and you treat them like an aquatic snake. My LFS has gulper and a friend of mine, an employee there as well, noodled the catfish and it grabbed on to his finger and held on for a good 15 seconds! anyways, that'd be cool...
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    Api Water Test Kit

    I'd hold it up to the sheet and compare the colors directly.
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    Best 'rule Of Thumb' For Beginner Hobbyists

    if you can think of a really good slogan to go by when fish keeping, please suggest it!
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    Dwarf Gourami Stressed Then Died

    If you don't currently have a way of testing your water that'd be recommended. Then you could post the levels and it'd be easier to solve. This sounds dumb but make sure you're acclimating them properly and not dumping the aquarium water given directly into your tank.
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    Benefits/cons Of A Sump For A 55 Gallon Freshwater Tank

    Hey everyone, I've been into fish keeping for about a year and I've been trying to aid my best friend's dad as he is now binge buying for his fish keeping. They already have 4 aquariums in their house which I think is great, but he's set on turning his son's 10 gallon into a sump for his 55...
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