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  1. My flower horn fish can't see food in front of him!

    I you wanted you try soaking his food in garlic and see if the scent helped him find it easier. You can make your own juice from garlic cloves of use seachem garlic guard.
  2. Teaching fish tricks

    I just found a kit to teach fish tricks. It looks interesting and I just thought I'd put it on here. It looks cool but I wasn't sure if it'd be dangerous since it has limbo and hoops that would be a tight squeeze. : R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit : Science Kit : Pet Supplies
  3. Hob plants

    So it should work if I watch it good? Does that mean nitrate test every day or just check that the plant looks healthy? Or do you mean just don't do it?
  4. Hob plants

    Would a piece growing off of this work?
  5. Hob plants

    They'll get some light. They are already in the same room but they're by the window now. Half the time the blinds in that room aren't open to much though, so it should be decently close.
  6. Hob plants

    Can spider plants go in hob filters? I have a big spider plant and was just wondering if I could put some of the babies in my filters. I also have some bamboo I think it's lucky bamboo not real bamboo but I'm not sure. I attached a picture of it. Right now the bamboo has some dirt,water, and a...
  7. What plants should I get?

    Could Vallisneria go in a 5 gallon betta tank if I trimmed it? After it filled up I could move the other plants to the goldfish tank and then I could see if they were nice to it without risking them killing all of it.
  8. What plants should I get?

    Now I'm thinking bacopa Carolina, Anubis, Java fern, and Moss balls. My goldfish ate all of their duckweed, is Amazon frog bit harder for them to eat?
  9. What plants should I get?

    Is my normal substrate okay? I think they'll be okay with nitrates fertilizer wise. I haven't tested my nitrate in awhile but it gets up to 100ppm but the fish are really healthy so I know it doesn't hurt them, but I hope plants will get it down.
  10. What plants should I get?

    Okay makes sense do you think they can handle goldfish? I just worried about how quickly they grew because when I tried to add one piece of hornwort before they ate it so I think I'll need multiple plants to distract them.
  11. What plants should I get?

    Does Vallisneria spread itself across the tank in a few months? Could it be enough plants for the whole tank?
  12. What plants should I get?

    I think the crinum calamitratum might be too sensitive so I think I might replace it with vallisneria it sounds like it would do okay from this article.
  13. Planting/decorating my 5 gallon

    I think I'll try it and see how it goes. If it doesn't look healthy I'll move it to my 20 gallon since it gets up to 40 ppm nitrate.
  14. Planting/decorating my 5 gallon

    Okay I'll make sure it's not. At least she has pretty short fins. So those plants should be good? I think I'll use lights but no fertilizer.
  15. Planting/decorating my 5 gallon

    Is this a good plant list for low tech tank? 1 Homalomena sp. Sekadau south 1 Bucephalanda brownie blue 1 brownie Phoenix

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