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    10 Gallon Tank Holes and tears on fin - fin rot?

    I’ll do weekly WC and check the rock then see how it goes. Thank you so much! :)
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    10 Gallon Tank Holes and tears on fin - fin rot?

    My betta has been with me for four months. He went through a fish-in cycle with no issue except a few small tears in its fin which has healed two months ago. However, last week I spotted some tiny holes and a tear in the middle of its tail and it has developed into bigger hole and tear. The...
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    Betta is looking pale

    Maybe he’s just going through a normal color change. He should be fine as long as water is clean and warm, and a variety of quality food is offered. One thing you can do to make it even more comfortable for him is to add some more live plants. My betta love to make bubble nest near floaters.
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    Best Filter For Betta Fish

    There are sponge filters with chamber under the sponge where you can put a different filter media.
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    Please help! My betta is losing fins, or shredding

    Remove plastic plants and any decoration that can possibly rip/tear its fins. Is it a fish bowl that it’s living in? I would highly suggest moving your fish to a bigger tank (2.5 gallon at minimum, preferably 5 gallon and up). That way ammonia don’t build up as quickly and it will save a lot of...
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    My betta won't stop swimming till it's out of breath

    My betta glass surfed for two months before finally settling down and chill in his 10gal tank. As long as the water parameter is in check everything should be fine. You can dim the light a little or add some IAL to the tank to relieve some of its stress.
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    Name ideas for my new girl

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    Help! Veiltail Betta tearing chunks off tail every day

    Try Indian almond leaves if you can get your hands on some those. Definitely made my betta happier and less stressed. I always pour some IAL tea into the tank when I see some fin damage on my guy.
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    5 Gallon Tank Betta fin problem

    My betta had some pretty ugly tears on its tail and dorsal fin few weeks ago. I just did a 50% WC and poured some IAL tea into the tank to make the water dark brown with tannin. Its fin and tail are almost completely healed now.
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    Weird stuff covering driftwood

    Got it! I’m okay with it as long as it’s not harmful :). Thanks!!
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    Weird stuff covering driftwood

    I boiled the wood for 3-4 hours prior to putting them in the tank 3 weeks ago. It would be pretty hard to take it out because it’s the base support for another piece of wood with Anubia nana petite and Java moss on it.
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    Weird stuff covering driftwood

    Tried vacuum but it just sticks to the wood and won’t come off. I was thinking of getting 2-3 Amano shrimps if it’s a type of algae…
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    Weird stuff covering driftwood

    Please see the attached photo. The driftwood has been covered by this thing for a week or two. Doesn’t seem to bother my fish but I’m just curious about what it is and it’s potential danger to the animals or plants in the tank. The first thing that pops into my mind is algae but I can’t find any...
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    Betta by heater

    It really depends on different betta personality. My fish swims almost all the time when he’s awake, especially when he see me approaching. When I’m in front of the tank he’ll pace against the front glass to beg for food. However, it is normal for betta to be more inactive when first introduced...
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    Betta by heater

    My betta did the same the first few days he was introduced to his tank. Make sure your heater is working properly by using a thermometer to check the water temperature (I use a cheap digital one I got from Amazon and a stick-on thermometer strip). It seems like you are in the process of a...
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