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    Rummynose with ich and/or columnaris?

    So I got 6 rummynose. they just got out of QT: I dosed with an all natural antibacterial called acurel I believe, plus ich x and apI general cure for a week. Everyone seemed absolutely fine, bright red noses and such. So I put them in the 55. They were fine for a couple days but now I can spot...
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    Why fish?

    anything that’ll make the tank look good and give me a new experience basically LOL
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    Centerpiece fish for a 55

    Hey, so recently I got 6 rummynose and an angel for my 55, but the angel didn’t make it thru QT... idk if I want another one or not Anyone know what centerpiece fish would look good in a 55gal with a lot of rummynose? and probably some loaches or cories, plus a small pleco.
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    Help Me Stock My 10 Gallon

    wild or domestic betta could be a good addition. if you just wanna get a couple more black neons and rehome everything else, that or a small gouramI could work wonderfully as a centerpiece. then you could get some pygmy cories for the bottom
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    Help Me Stock My 10 Gallon

    ooh! ten gallons are always exciting. you could do some ember tetras. I wouldn’t go with danios. they’re very active and also prefer cooler water than the tetras. You could technically do them at the same temp but the size is still kinda small for the danios. Or You could try a species of...
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    Help! 10 gallon fish killer tank.

    do you know if the fish store is using RO water ? sometimes when fish are taken from wherever they’re raised, not in RO water, then a lfs puts them in RO, then you take them out and put them back in regular water it stresses /shocks them to the point of no return. if not: did you clean the...
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    Is This Overstocked?

    alright. so i’ve been asking on other platforms as well, and basically what i’ve gathered is that while angels shoal, they’re also cichlids, which means that they should be ok alone? like other cichlid shoals vs solitary ? ok, so i’ll keep the rummynose and get a few more synodontis,, although...
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    Is This Overstocked?

    ok thanks! i’ll look into both stocking options
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    Is This Overstocked?

    oh that sounds nice! only thing I was worried on getting more angels was whether two would pair and kill the rest of the fish in the tank, since I don’t have another tank for a breeding pair, or babies. do they do this when in larger groups?
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    Dietary Questions for betta with dropsy

    if he’s lived more than a day it’s not dropsy. just bloat. try some peas chopped finely or maybe an epsom salt bath
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    Krebensis and Blue Balloon Rams together

    rams are pretty fragile. even without the balloon trait most don’t make it past six months because of how inbred they are. you’d be better off with a bolivian ram, or at least just a regular ram
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    Is This Overstocked?

    Hi! for christmas I was gifted a 55gal fish tank! it’s four feet long, 13 inches wide, 20 inches high. here is my ideas for stocking. it’s going to be planted. 1st idea: x1 angelfish x20 rummynose tetra x1 rubber lip pleco x1 synodontis lucipinnis (if this wasn’t overstocked could I either...
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    Sick Puffer: Need help ASAP

    alright. I may be able to get it today, hopefully that will work out.
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    Sick Puffer: Need help ASAP

    So my male puffer has been getting thinner and thinner over the last couple of days and I started to get worried. His activity was decreasing as well. I asked another forum and a girl who has been working with pea puffers for awhile told me to quarantine both, just in case. So I put them in...
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    Least Expensive Designer Clown

    thank you! (I'm aware theyre aquacultured lol. I mean the fish store breeds their own and that's why theyre less expensive than online)
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