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  1. Bulging Eye

    I do t know ammonia level. Nitrite and nitrate both 0 PH 7.5 KH 80 Temp 78 F Filtered and heated I did a 25% water change last night 10 gallon tank. Tested with Prime. This is the only fish that appears to have an issue. The rest seem fine (female betas and mollie)
  2. Bulging Eye

    We came home tonight to find one of our female betta’s eye bulging. Is this a traumatic looking thing or a disease? Thanks in advance.
  3. Help New To Glofish

    Thanks! That’s a good idea. Luckily we got “free” fish the second time.
  4. Help New To Glofish

    Thanks. I saw that while looking it up. I’m thinking I’ll drain it and start from scratch with spring water, obviously checking the levels and adding safe start or some other conditioner.
  5. Help New To Glofish

    I am on municipal water. No water softener.
  6. Help New To Glofish

    Thanks for the reply. I did not even think to check the chem parameters of the bag water compared to my tank water. My pH was 7.5 and the hardness was in the “soft” range. I can’t remember the exact measurement off the top of my head, and I’m not home right now to look at the range.
  7. Help New To Glofish

    I did not. I believe the Tetra SafeStart has a dechlorinator in it. That is one thing that didn’t even think of at first. I grew up on well water and now we have municipal water. The test done at PetCo said the chlorine level was fine.
  8. Help New To Glofish

    hello all! My kids recently decided they wanted a pet. We agreed on fish (I was thinking the 30 cent a piece goldfish that could live in a puddle and be fine). Long story short, my wife (bless her heart) came home with a 10 gallon glofish tank set up from PetCo (a Tetra tank setup). I set...

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