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    Question Pearl Gourami -- I think she's a she?

    you should think about getting more gouramies, I have two fire dwarfs ( I think thats what theyre called) their the same shape and size but have orange red and blue
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    Fancy Goldfish in a 20 gallon long tank: Will it grow?

    i have 2 gold fish one fancy, the other had swimmbladder and was gold(stupid petsmart... not gonna buy from there anymore) and i have an oranda they can live to be 10 years, and grow up to about 10inches (excellent care and water quality) do go crazy thinking you need a 100 gallon, but the rule...
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    Where to buy slate rock/stone

    I got back from the world of wet pets (great store, ok customer service) got a few rocks, just to start, gonna get silicone later and maore rocks and gravel i came home to find than my peice of shale was very flaky on the sides when brushed with a tooth brush (duh duh dur). this isn;t good for...
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    Where to buy slate rock/stone

    oh ya local fish store (duh) so u mean like petco, and petsmart thank you for replying so fast btw Good morning, I've merged your posts as they were back to back with no response between. This helps to save a little space on the forum. Thanks! Ken
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    Where to buy slate rock/stone

    what is lfs local fish store?
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    Help Water for tank available to me

    well let me look over the internet: without doing research i know that they would not survive, do you live in the country, if not try to find other ways of getting water (also for your own health) untreated, sulferic water is dangerous, for you and for your fish sorry that i couldnt be of more...
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    Where to buy slate rock/stone

    before i make the trip to home depot or lowes, can anyone tell me if they have slate rock (doesn't matter if its aqaurium safe cause i can seal it with sealant/epoxy so dont lecture me about it plz. you know the flat kind of rock used for ponds and stuff?
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    Diy chiller for smaller tanks

    to original poster: dude i know what u mean (did) what your looking for is a peltier thermo electric cooler, about 15 bucks for a 1 by inch square. I dropped my tanks temp by 3-5 degress f just with a small 5 volt dc netbook cooler fan. it depends on the tank size. try a SMALL fan first, it...
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    Is Epoxy Safe for DIY projects?

    i too have heard mixed things, without caring about specific requirements, i KNOW that DAP aquarium grade silicone sealant is safe (duh duh dur)

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