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    How much have you spent on a single fish?

    We don't have a lot of good pet stores here in New Jersey. Everything seems to be overpriced at the ones we do have. Don't regret it though. Awesome fish and very fun to watch.
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    This isnt a nerite snail

    I mean I've had nerite snails in the past but never have seen those markings. Now I know lol
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    This isnt a nerite snail

    Interesting. I was wondering what those spots were. Funny enough when I brought them home and put them in a container with some of my tank water, one of the zebra nerites was riding on its back too. I've had nerite snails in the past and have never seen either of these things before lol.
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    How much have you spent on a single fish?

    I spent $90 on a medium sized gold severum. He was about 4 inches when I got him.
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    This isnt a nerite snail

    I've had the zebra nerites in the past and I also have a tiger nerite I got a while ago. The one with the spots looked a lot different so I didn't think it was even a nerite snail. I just asked for the biggest ones they had for my 75 gallon. The guy didn't even check to see if they were alive or...
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    This isnt a nerite snail

    I just bought some nerite snails from petco and I don't even think the guy checked to see what type they were. 2 are obviously nerite snails but I have no idea what this 3rd one is. Can anyone help identify the brown and black one with spots?
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    Is it possible for ich to cause a single white cyst?

    Unfortunately, I did the water changes the old-fashion way with those fancy siphons that hook up to the faucet. I run the faucet until it resembles a temp close to the tank (it doesn't have to be exact). I then fill up a 5 gallon bucket, treat with seachem prime and then add the water to the...
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    Is it possible for ich to cause a single white cyst?

    Oh, I'm not arguing with you at all. I treated my fish for at least 10 days and they have been fine since. My original post about the ich was in the beginning of March and we are almost in June so the ich has been handled for quite some time. I did notice that the treatment caused the ich to...
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    Is it possible for ich to cause a single white cyst?

    The ich actually went away pretty quickly after using the medication. As for cross contamination, I had separate nets, containers, decor, siphons, etc. Not to mention one tank and supplies was kept in a completely separate room. I think it was from the place I bought the fish from. Everyone was...
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    Canister vs HOB

    I use both. There are pros and cons to both. For my 75 gallon, I use an aquaclear 110 (HOB) and an eheim 2217 (canister). The setup for canisters is a little more complicated because of the intake and output valves and tubing, filter media, etc., but it gets easy once you get used to it. It...
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    Funny My Angelfish Hates Me

    I have 2 bolivian rams that are polar opposites. I have one that swims around with my blue acara without a care in the world and the other hides in the corner all day and only comes out at night. I recently bought 4 more that are in QT right now, so maybe that will make him a little more...
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    Two Filters instead of one?

    I have a 75 gallon with an aquaclear 110 (HOB) and an eheim 2217 (canister). It truly depends on how you are stocking the tank too. In regards to the comment above about having 2 smaller filters being the same as one larger: this is true, but filters do sometimes malfunction. I find that...
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    Post pics of other pets

    Here is a pic my charcoal lab Zeus. He's 9 months old. I also have a red spotted gold severum, a blue acara, 1 white skirt tetra, 2 black widow tetras, 6 bolivian rams, 4 nerite snails and just bought a crested gecko that I will be naming Loki.
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    Do I need to do anything about this algae?

    I'm actually having the same problem with my 75 gallon tank. It is covered in diatoms and no matter how much I clean them off, they just keep coming back. It was caused by a combination of zeolite in my filter and the silica from the pool filter sand. It doesn't harm your fish, but it is...
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    Couldn't resist sick pleco at Petsmart, now trying to get a plan to save him

    Sorry about Poe. I have had quite the bad luck with fish lately. I bought a whole school of Colombian tetras from a chain pet store and they all had mouth rot. It wiped out the school within 3 days. It's sad because like you I wanted to do everythong I could to help them. Unfortunately some...
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