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    15 Gallon Tank Weird Water Parameters

    I had either missed it or had forgotten about the plant substrate you are running in this tank. between that and the ferts you are adding it would explain the nitrate level you saw. I do have to point out. Nitrates don't remove nitrites. Nitrates are the waste product of the nitrite eating...
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    Albino Cory babies

    You big guy looks to be Elberts twin brother. BTW: That is Elbert over there in my avatar. It is great that you have an outlet for your little guys. I traded some of my BN fry for some Bloodfin tetras. I was just happy to be able to find them a new home. Plecos produce sooooo many babies each...
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    Algae slime won't go away?

    Sounds a lot like blue green algae/cyanobacteria. The first thing I would do is a 3 day total black out. Your plants may not like it but I am sure they are struggling more with this than they would from the blackout. This stuff needs light to grow so between the blackout and shortening the...
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    Guru Badges

    This would be me. I am a lot like a Lawyer. Why use one word when I can use 5. :D
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    High nitrates

    You will be able to post private messages once you have 50 posts. Most of the time it is best to ask the questions on the open forum though. Others with the same questions might benefit from the questions and answers. I just cover the backs of my tanks. Some folks paint them but I just use the...
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    15 Gallon Tank Weird Water Parameters

    That could very well be where they are coming from. I know I was shocked at how high Thrive raised mine.
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    Topping up during cycle with TSS

    I would like to see the nitrates lower. Your water changes should take care of them as long as there are none in your source water. Some folks recommend keeping them 20 or less. As long as I see orange in my test tube I call it close enough. If I see red it is time to do a water change to get...
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    Topping up during cycle with TSS

    As long as you run your tests daily for the first week or so and be prepared to do a water change if your ammonia goes over .25 your little guy should be fine. I wouldn't stress out over a .25 reading. I can't remember if I've asked. Do you have Prime? If you don't I will recommend you get a...
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    Ph of my new tank need to lower it

    A lot of what we read is the conditions of the water our fishes wild cousins live in. Most of the fish available to the home hobbyist are captive bred so the pH the wild ones live in and the pH the captive bred were bred in can be different. It is much better to work with what you have than...
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    15 Gallon Tank Weird Water Parameters

    Now that your nitrites have hit zero you shouldn't see them again. I have to wonder why your nitrates are still so high after so many water changes. Have you run the nitrate test on your source water? It is also strange that you are seeing ammonia. When you do your water changes are you also...
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    Guru Badges

    The main problem with having a common sense guru is I really don't think it is something that can be taught. We either have it or we don't. Either we are born with it or we have cultivated it over the years. I am not sure I would place you in the "some of us" column.
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    Starting a Cycle in a Bucket - the Experiment

    I am thrilled to hear this :) Thank you for sharing this experiment with all of us. It has been rocky at times but never boring. :D
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    Crashed cycle in shrimp tank ammonia won't budge

    Thank you Richie. I think you have gotten to the bottom of what is happening here.
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    Topping up during cycle with TSS

    It sounds like your cycle is very very close to complete. Once you do the one big water change you may very well find it is done. Run your tests a couple of hours after the water change. If you see 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and are still seeing nitrates. I have to think you are finally there. I...
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    What should I do now?

    You are so very welcome. :)
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