I started my fish keeping journey lots of years ago. I took a break from it for about 6 years but am now up and running again and loving it.
I set my 55 gallon tank up December 14th, 2015, added fish December 18th, 2015. Tank completed its cycle Jan. 19th, 2016

I spend a lot of time here on this forum and gardening when weather permits. House plants are growing everywhere in my home and I tend flower gardens all over my yard.
Oct 14, 1948 (Age: 72)
Closer to Heaven every day but for now-Arkansas
5 gallon with sponge filter
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
prime for my water conditioner and the API Freshwater Master Test Kit for testing the health of my tank now have a gh/kh liquid test kit---
tank water tested 2/15/2016
gh-5 drops
kh-3 drops
More than 10 years
Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
55 gallon 48x12x21
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
1 red/blue columbian tetra
5 Long Finned Black Skirt tetras
2 False Julii Corys
2 Albino Corys
3 bronze Corys to start with but now have more than I can count
10 Neon tetras
1 albino bristlenose pleco
8 Bloodfin tetras
Lots of assassin snails
Aquarium Start Date
December 14th, 2015
Aquarium Filter Type
2 cascade 300 HOB's & 2 dual sponge sponge filters
Aquarium #2 Size
5.5 gallon hospital tank
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Aquarium #3 Size
10 gallon grow out tank
Tank #3 Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Tank #3 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Molly fry


Every day is another day to learn something new - An open mind makes learning possible.

Giving them Fresh Clean water is the very best thing you can do to keep your water pets healthy.



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