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    Peacock Gudgeon For sale or free

    I'm in PA so not local, but if you were willing to ship I would take some! Feel free to message me.
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    20 Gallon Tank Help me figure out where the ammonia came from

    Yeah I'm going to check it tomorrow and then in a couple of days. Thanks for the reply!
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    20 Gallon Tank Help me figure out where the ammonia came from

    Hi, I decided to test my ammonia today and wow, I had some in the tank! I've done a couple things in the past couple days so I'd like to list them out and see if any stand out as very likely the cause. First off, my tank has been running since the beginning of January with an aquaclear filter...
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    20 Gallon Tank CPDs, Otos, and neocardinia numbers

    Is that because of fish happiness, bio load, or just a nicer looking tank? I was under the impression that CPDs aren't true schooling fish but otos are, so it was more important to have more otos.
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    Cycling all but wrapped up...I hope.

    Yes, if you have no ammonia readings or nitrites tomorrow then all you have to do is get your nitrates down. Keep in mind that you probably don't want to get all of your fish tomorrow, depending on your tank size and which fish you are getting it's still possible to overwhelm the bacteria that...
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    20 Gallon Tank CPDs, Otos, and neocardinia numbers

    Hi, My 20 long is doing pretty well right now and it has a lot of plants, 5-6 cherry shrimp, 2 otos (all the pet store had, going to get more as soon as they are in stock, with the idea being that they would have been lonely in the pet store anyway. ) And I should have a young clown pleco in...
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    Driftwood for clown striped pleco

    Just to add on, depending on your source there is a chance that there are unwanted chemicals on the wood so you probably want to at least give it a good rinse before you put it in your tank.
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    Aquarium not cycling

    When I did my cycle a month ago I ended up doing a hybrid. I started off just adding flakes and then a week or two in my partner wanted to do the ammonia method so I switched after already having some ammonia readings. It worked out really nicely and I was happy to have plants and pest snails in...
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    Aquarium not cycling

    How big is the tank and how many fish did you put in it?
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    Driftwood for clown striped pleco

    I have mopani wood as well. My clown pleco was the first fish in the tank and immediately went onto the driftwood and never leaves. I can't even get it to eat anything else.
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    How do you guys clean your glass

    Everyone here seems to be posting about removing algae, but it looks like hard water deposits in your pictures. Do these techniques apply to hard water deposits as well?
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    Unless you are willing to pay to use RO water (reverse osmosis) and remineralize that, I wouldn't worry about adjusting your pH and would just let it be if your fish are fine.
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    Bigger Filter

    A picture of your setup and the gap would be really helpful, at least in my mind.
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    20 Gallon Tank Rosy loaches vs oto cats

    20L as in 20 long, my bad. Thread title is accurate when it says 20 gallon.
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