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    How much water for ph test

    5ml I recommend getting some plastic screw to containers as a replacement. Volume Plastic Sample Bottle 5ML Bottle Vial Storage Container Green Cap 10pcs | eBay I have some like this and prefer them to the glass ones
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    Glued pipes together wrong way

    I think that glue is mostly solvent and it melts the pieces together. It should work again. Definately check for leaks though.
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    Few Questions About Dwarf Frogs

    I have seen mine eat small snails and I don't see baby shrimp in that tank. They can definately hunt but I don't know what the upper size limit is.
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    PH hasn’t gone down what to do

    High PH is safer than neutral or low PH for most fish. It is way harder to screw up and cause a PH crash. Even though many tropical fish come from soft acid water they are bred in hard or outright brackish dirt ponds in Asia.
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    Betta has a white spot on his head thats progressively getting bigger

    If it has been planted for months I doubt your water will look bad when you get the test kit. Planted tanks can basically cycle themselves. Unless it looks like fuzzy fungus it is probably a growth. There are a few kinds and I don't think any can be treated but most are not dangerous.
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    PH hasn’t gone down what to do

    Try testing some tap water that has sat out overnight so the CO2 can offgass. If it is 8.5 it means nothing in your tank is raising it.
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    Adf keeps escaping tank

    They don't last long outside the water, 15 minutes is a common number. They don't have much of a skeleton so they can squeeze thought some small gaps, you need to find them and plug the up.
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    Impact of Algae on overall growth rate and health of plants

    1. Does algae really kill plants? If they stay covered in algea they will probably die. 2. what factors promote the growth of algae? Excess light and nutrients are the main ones. Some combination of lower light levels, more water changes will greatly reduce it. Ad some kind of cleanup crew...
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    Betta Fish Died Very Suddenly

    Unless you want to do get a microscope and do full necropsies on your fish be happy with "You did the best you could". Not every creature will live to a ripe old age even in perfect conditions and there will be outliers above and below the predicted life expectancy. For bettas the range is...
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    Help Fish Dying In Tank constantly

    If you don't do a fish in cycle perfectly your fish are harmed by exposure to ammonia and nitrite. They might not die right away but they will not live full lives. The safer way to do a fish in cycle uses only one fish and little food so the ammonia is released in controlled fashion and you have...
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    Help Fish Dying In Tank constantly

    Did you do a fish in cycle with those fish? That will definately shorten thier life. 6 pinches of food sounds like 4 or 5 too many for a little tank like that.
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    Help Fish Dying In Tank constantly

    That sounds like a lot of food. Are you following the nitrate test directions exactly because you should have nitrates unless there are a lot of plants.
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    Phosbond or Phosguard Better For Brown Algae?

    Have you tested the phosphate levels?
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    Well water - concerns about quality

    Have you had your water tested to see if it is safe to drink?
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    Does my betta have bloat?

    I think she looks more full than bloated.
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